Score each resume and create a shortlist of top-ranking applications. Process unstructured resumes and job descriptions to help you find the best candidate, always!

Worried you’ll miss out on that perfect candidate?

Are you tired of combing through endless piles of resumes?

As recruiters one of the biggest pain points of the job is having to deal with the mountains of resumes you need to comb though just to find a few good candidates. Worse, having to wrestle with the probability that somewhere in that pile is a perfect candidate whom you miss out on. Or lose to a competitor.

Gabi’s powerful AI backed talent ranking software is designed to help relieve you of this quandary. All you need to do is feed the resumes into the ranking system (it doesn’t matter if you have ten applicants or ten thousand!), lean back, and let Gabi work its magic.

Gabi will identify the best candidates from the pile, assign a score to each, and shortlist the best candidates, for you to peruse at your leisure.

Why do you need talent ranking?

How do you tell a good resume from an unfit one when you have to read through hundreds at a time? With other AI talent management platforms a few keyword matches or a basic similarity in work history might be enough for a resume to get a high rank.

Leaving recruiters and hiring managers with a large number of unsuitable candidates to waste their time on.

Gabi carries out a more comprehensive and accurate ranking of resumes with a proprietary three-step process that ensures that only the best-in-class resumes land on your screen. So you never have to waste another moment on an unsuitable application.

How does Gabi’s Talent Ranking process work?

Gabi’s AI scores resumes based on the role’s requirements and gives each resume a score based on:

Profile match

Gabi scans the candidates' profiles to find keywords in their resumes that match the keywords in the job description. The more matches Gabi finds the higher the profile match score assigned to the resume.

For example, a requisition for a graphic design role will have keywords such as Photoshop, InDesign, conceptual thinking etc. If a candidate with a background in painting were to apply for a such a position, they might have some keywords that match the requisition but they will be ranked lower than a candidate with a multi-media design background, who will have a lot more of the necessary skills and experience necessary for the role in question. This allows Gabi to eliminate unfit resumes quickly and give you a better selection.

Job Title Similarity

Gabi will look for similarities between the job title advertised in the requisition and the ones mentioned in the resume. A candidate with the right experience will have more hits on job title similarities.

For example, a candidate who has worked as an Infrastructure Engineer, will score well on a job requisition for a DevOps Engineer.

Scanning for job title similarities helps Gabi rank candidates with the right experience higher up the shortlist.

Skill Strength

Every role has certain skills that are more valuable than others. For example, an architect’s primary skill is designing structures. His skills at landscaping are secondary. Gabi can recognize those skills which are the most relevant for any given role and rank higher resumes that mention those skills.

After assigning a score to each of these categories, Gabi will add them up to present each resume with a final score out of a 100. The candidates will then be ranked and shortlisted on the basis of this final score.

What is Natural Language Processing?

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a feature in cutting-edge AI technology that allows computers to read and comprehend human language. NLP is a core tool of virtual assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Google Assist. They’re also widely used in chatbots and text-to-speech translation software. For example, when you ask Siri to tell you “the nearest gas station”, and a location pops up on the Maps app, it’s because of NLP.

Gabi uses NLP to look for keywords and analyze the grammatical structure of sentences. Gabi’s algorithms then break down these sentences to extract meaning. In other words, Gabi uses NLP to understand resumes and rank them. Additionally, NLP also helps Gabi accurately analyze resumes that are unformatted for AI recruiting platforms.

Gabi’s talent ranking feature can promise a:

  • Decrease in time to hire

  • More improvement in recruiter's productivity

  • Increase in new-hire diversity

  • Resumes scanned & scored


  • I found Gabi to be very user friendly and unlike other platforms, it took very little time to get used to. Very easy to use. Highly recommend for anyone familiar with Taleo, Brass Ring, Peoplesoft etc.

    Marcos Varga, Senior Technical Recruiter
  • I found the automated emails to be very beneficial to candidates that apply to our jobs. It actually streamlined the process of connecting with them and moving them through the hiring process. Having worked in both boutique and large firms Gabi would be very useful at staffing solutions for both.

    Zach Hayes, Technical Recruiter
  • The automated emails system is good feature as it saves time, and we can reach to multiple candidates in short time. The AI rating has also significantly reduced time spent in shortlisting.

    Dr. Reena Shah
  • Being able to add notes about a candidate and update their status for a requestion was a big help! The scoring system has also been very accurate and it’s reduced the time I spend on sifting through applications by over two hours.

    Nancy Sikand
  • I love Gabi because of how fast it is! Both the ranking and the automated communication features have made my life a lot easier and my job a lot faster. It has practically doubled my shortlisting speed. A great tool for any staffing firm or even companies looking for staff augmentation.

    Suraj Kumar
  • Gabi’s resume pooling feature makes my job so much easier. Having all the requisitions, applications, and candidate communications on one easy-to-read page is a big blessing. Being able to use Gabi’s calendar feature to screen and schedule calls also makes work a lot easier.

    Ravi Chandra, Technical Recruiter