Five Ways Recruitment Software Saves Time

If you are a hiring manager or recruiter, you have had that moment when you realize your new hire is a walking nightmare. They have poor attendance, they lack the necessary skills, or they don’t fit in with your company culture. What are your options now?

You can let go of the new hire, which is bad both for your company’s reputation and team morale, and restart the expensive and arduous process of rehiring for the role. The average cost of filling a vacancy in the United States often exceeds $4,000 for a small organization. The bigger you are, the more the costs. Or, you can live with your mistake and hope that with time and training they eventually grow into the role. Neither option is very attractive, is it?

But there is hope. 

Major advances in machine learning and automation, in recent years, has led to breakthroughs in recruitment that now make it possible for you to leverage the power of artificial intelligence to optimize your hiring process. 

How can AI optimize your recruitment?


1. Collate Application Data

Stop spending countless hours scouring through hundreds of unqualified applicants on job platforms. With the help of AI recruitment software, you can streamline your data from multiple platforms to one central location. 

Don’t worry about missing another great candidate because of a cumbersome traditional hiring process. Say goodbye to wasting valuable time and the fear and pressure of passing by the most qualified candidate. 

2. Rank and Score Candidates

We all know skills are a hot commodity in the hiring world. Time is money, and if a candidate already knows how to perform specific tasks, it is a huge bonus. Stop for a moment and imagine a day where you don’t have to spend hours combing through resumes to determine which candidates have the skill sets you need. 

With AI, you can set your parameters based on a personalized skill matrix. In a matter of seconds, you will have your top candidates from various job platforms ranked by skill levels at the tip of your fingers.

3. Save Time on Interviews

Every hiring manager or recruiter knows the familiar feeling of an interview that is not going to lead to a successful hire. Nobody wants to spend countless hours in interviews that are not going to pan out because the candidate was not adequately vetted. Ultimately, it is a waste of everybody’s time. 

Let AI do some of the leg work for you. Save yourself and the candidate time and stress by only interviewing qualified candidates based on your specific job requirements and the company’s cultural fit. With AI, it’s a win-win for you and your interviewees.

4. Track Candidate and Requisition Progress

With AI, you can know the hiring team’s top picks at all times because AI will keep you abreast. You will not have to take the time to sort through piles of paperwork to track your hiring progress. When it is time to make a decision, you will have all of your information ready and waiting to hire with confidence.

5. Promote Growth

The process of repeatedly hiring and rehiring is like trying to pour water into a pail with holes in the bottom. You are never going to fill your bucket because you need a new bucket. The bottom line is that you will spend hours of valuable time filling your position until you get a new system. When you invest in AI, you expand productivity and experience increased revenue with a great new hire- not to mention the additional recruiting time and money saved along the way. 

AI is a Game Changer


With AI, your hiring process turns from an expensive and tiring task to a fresh, relevant, and current process where you will find the very best new employee.

Just think, with the use of AI recruitment software to hire and recruit your next employee, your company will: 

  • Grow together in alignment because you have front loaded all of the work to get the best candidate. 
  • Reap the reward of a significant ROI when you save thousands of dollars in rehiring for a position that did not work out because of poor hiring.  According to the Society for Human Resource Management’s (SHRM’s) new Human Capital Benchmarking Report, it costs an average of $4,129.00 to rehire an employee.

The hiring process can be a time-consuming process, sometimes up to 42 days per hire. When you choose to optimize your hiring strategy with AI, you gain that time to do the things you need to be doing. With Gabi, there is no need to spend countless hours trolling through hundreds of resumes. 

With the implementation of AI, the dream of a new employee who is the perfect fit for the job can become a reality. 

Want to know more? Sign up for a free demo with Gabi today and get access to one of the quickest and most accurate AI-powered recruiting engines on the market today!