By: Pranav Ramesh

Can AI Really Help You Find the Perfect Candidate?

Artificial Intelligence is utilized successfully across many different sectors to achieve innovative results to solve tough, time-consuming problems. AI has improved many facets of industry, including patient outcomes in hospitals, the development of autonomous vehicles, and the robotics used in manufacturing as just a few examples. The applications of AI seem to know no boundaries.

Is it possible AI can help you screen and recruit the best candidates to fill your open positions? How would such a tool be used? Providing your recruiters access to advanced technological solutions with AI can lead to faster hiring, decreases in biases, and, ultimately, the selection of the best candidates to fill your clients’ vacancies.

How is AI used for candidate screening?

It’s no secret these days, in the era of the Great Resignation, that recruiters can receive thousands of applicants for one job opening, especially in the technology and IT sectors. Not hundreds of applicants. Thousands of applicants. The pressure on recruiters to find that perfect candidate can be overwhelming. Thankfully, AI technology can assist recruiters with multiple aspects of candidate screening.

Initially, the primary uses of AI in recruitment included automating the evaluation of talent. But as advancements continue at a rapid rate, recruiters are now using the technology to complete AI powered talent rankings, automate essential communication with candidates, provide mobile access for recruiters, aggregate resumes, and assess technical skills and proficiencies. All of these functions are now possible with AI recruiting software like Gabi.

Pros of using AI for screening candidates

You automate repetitive tasks

One of the most significant benefits you’ll notice with AI software such as Gabi is how much time recruiters will save. Instead of performing mundane, repetitive tasks that are prone to errors, recruiters can now use that time savings to make the best selection of talent for a requisition much faster. With AI powered talent rankings of candidates, recruiters can easily review the score each resume receives and assess a shortlist of top-ranking applicants. Gabi can process unstructured resumes and job descriptions to help recruiters find the best candidates for their clients. This means they can multi-task with regularity and fill requisitions more efficiently. Not only will this make their clients happy, but recruiters will see those clients coming back to them for their next hire.

You can publish requisitions across multiple job boards at once

AI software like Gabi also allows for the publishing of job requisitions to multiple job boards such as Glassdoor, Indeed, and LinkedIn. The ability to aggregate resumes lets recruiters view all the responses in one centralized location. Gabi also grants users the ability to create advanced searches to meet the client’s specific requirements. This is obviously a significant time saver, but it also simplifies the process for recruiters so they’re sure not to miss out on top candidates for their clients.

You can automate candidate communication

Another time saving benefit involves the automation of communication with candidates. A large part of a recruiter’s responsibilities involves communicating effectively with candidates. This is a very time-intensive process. But Gabi allows for communication right from its recruiting platform. Recruiters can make phone calls, schedule meetings, send automated follow-up emails, and access all of their recruiter-candidate communication history right from Gabi’s platform.

You can recruit using your mobile phone

One of the most unique time saving functions, exclusive to Gabi, is the ability for mobile recruiting. If surviving a pandemic has taught us anything about how we work, it’s that work no longer happens exclusively in the office. With the Gabi Mobile app, recruiters have the ability to send and receive SMS texts, schedule phone calls, automate follow-up emails, and set up meetings. The same platform for desktops is available to recruiters right on their mobile devices. They now have the cutting-edge technology to connect with candidates directly on their phones. This allows the recruitment process to move much faster toward filling requisitions and puts recruiters using Gabi ahead of their competition.

You can assess for technical aptitude

Another benefit to using AI in recruitment is the ability to assess candidates for skills and technical proficiencies that are required for certain requisitions. For these positions, AI software can administer tests, evaluate the results, and identify the top applicants for the recruiter. There are many advantages of using AI to administer these assessments compared to how these tests used to be conducted.

For example, using AI requires only basic supervision from the recruiter, there’s no need for the recruiter to be qualified to assess the candidate’s qualifications. It also removes the possibility of bias during the assessment process. This last point is a huge benefit. Using AI in recruiting helps to achieve diversity in the workforce that clients are seeking. This diversity leads to increased productivity and profits for clients because the best candidate has been selected. But this “blind” form of recruitment also helps give minority candidates a fair shot and eliminates the wage gap for women. AI is technology that allows us avoid our own human biases. We have an obligation to engage with this technology for a more equitable society.

Cons of using AI for screening candidates

Despite all the proven advantages of using AI in your recruitment strategy, some might be wary of its incorporation into the hiring process. Some recruiters might see it as a threat to their livelihood. If software can perform the core functions of their job, they might be hesitant to adopt AI into their recruiting practices. But like introducing any new technology, AI in recruitment exists to enhance a recruiter’s work, not to overtake it. There’s no substitute for the human interaction that is necessary to determine the final candidates to be interviewed. The relationship the recruiter has with the client will be enhanced as well. The recruiter acts as the gatekeeper so the client doesn’t have to deal with the hundreds or thousands of applicants. The client trusts the recruiter to use the best tools available to get them the best candidate. Choosing not to use AI in your recruiting strategies puts you at risk of letting down your clients.

And what about the expense associated with AI software for recruitment? Certainly, there are additional costs associated with the implementation of almost any new technology, but AI recruitment software like Gabi has so many capabilities that cut expenses in other ways. And, as most late-adopters of new technology find out, it’s actually more expensive to not employ the powers of AI in your recruitment strategies. As your competitors take advantage of all AI has to offer for their recruiters, you risk losing your clients to those who can produce better candidates for jobs much more quickly.

How to optimize AI for screening candidates?

Using AI in recruiting practices is becoming increasingly common and it’s easily the most important advancement in recruiting since the advent of the internet. With more and more companies adopting AI in their recruitment strategies, top candidates are being snatched up by your competitors every day. Don’t be left with the candidates that other companies have passed over. Sign up for a free product demo with Gabi now and get access to one of the nimblest and most accurate AI-powered recruiting engines on the market!