By: Pranav Ramesh

Let Gabi do the talking: Candidate communication simplified by AI

The fast-paced, non-stop, unpredictable life of a recruiter, particularly in the IT and tech industries, isn’t easy. Most recruiters working in these areas will tell you they have to always be “on” for their job and it evolves almost constantly. With so many societal and market factors playing into the Great Resignation, more employees than ever are looking for a change at work and are seeking out recruiters to help make it happen for them. And with hundreds, or sometimes thousands, of applicants for a single position in the tech sector, clients lean on recruiters to sift through the candidate pool to find the right fit for their open requisition.

Recruiters are then caught in the middle, trying to satisfy clients while making great matches for employees transitioning into new roles. With all these moving pieces, it’s no wonder that recruiters are always looking out for additional help managing all the different aspects of their job. And with new AI powered recruitment software like Gabi, managing the different functions become much easier and accessible for recruiters. Not only will the recruiter’s communication improve with clients and candidates, but all the functions of recruitment work become easier with help from Gabi.

Why is communication important in recruitment?

Aside from a making sure a candidate is well-qualified for a position, one of the most important responsibilities of a recruiter’s work is communication. They must be able to communicate effectively and regularly with their client, letting them know exactly where they are in the search process and how it is progressing. If a client hasn’t heard from the recruiter on a regular basis, they are likely to look elsewhere for help with their hiring needs.

Lack of regular communication proves to be a nightmare scenario for a recruiter when they realize that they’ve missed out on excellent candidates because they were too busy to follow up with their applications. If a candidate doesn’t here back reliably from their recruiter, they feel as though the recruiter isn’t invested in helping them land a job. If candidates aren’t clear about where they are in the hiring process for a particular position, they too will look elsewhere for help with their employment search.

Effective and regular communication helps recruiters stay organized during the recruitment process and keeps stakeholders informed and updated. Because let’s face it, just as clients often have more than one open requisition, recruiters are juggling many, many candidates for many, many requisitions while trying to find the right roles for all of them. So how can this process be streamlined for recruiters to help improve their communication?

Ways you can improve recruitment communication

Gabi’s Communication Hub

The communication hub within Gabi improves communication for recruiters right off the bat. With this feature, recruiters are able to manage all their candidate communication needs from the simplicity of the Gabi communication hub. This includes the ability to make phone calls, schedule meetings and candidate screenings, and access all recruiter-candidate communication history and activity.

One of the most useful tool in Gabi’s communication hub that recruiters find invaluable is the ability to send automated communications directly to candidates. Once a candidate is identified as well-qualified for a role, Gabi automatically emails them and invites them to a phone screening interview with the recruiter. Gabi will also send automated emails to those candidates who are slow to respond, reminding them to get in touch quickly with their recruiter. This helps the recruiter immensely by automating certain parts of the process. Gabi was also designed to recognize when a candidate is no longer interested and automatically stops sending follow-up emails after 5 days.

Gabi’s communication hub also helps recruiters stay organized and eliminates the need for jumping between different apps and various job boards. Gabi’s valuable notes feature allows recruiters to create notes about each candidate and keep track of all the communication they’ve had with each candidate. Improving this level of organization is a significant boost to recruiters’ time and energy, allowing them to focus on higher level tasks within the recruitment process. The hiring process keeps on moving, no matter how busy a recruiter is, with the help of Gabi.

Gabi Mobile Recruiter

Another way that Gabi helps to improve recruitment communication is through its unique, one-of-a-kind mobile platform that recruiters can use right on their phones.

It’s well known that recruiters are always reaching out and responding to candidates and this communication can occur day or night, on weekdays or weekends. Recruiters are at a huge disadvantage if they only have access to their recruitment platform during typical workday hours. When clients want open requisitions filled quickly, sometimes in just a few days, recruiters need to be able to access requisition data, be available to schedule meetings, make phone calls, and set-up interviews at very short notice. These things are very difficult to accomplish when recruiters are tied to software on their desktop. Gabi Mobile is the solution for recruiters that can make communication a breeze with their top candidates.

Having access to all their recruitment communication with candidates wherever they are, any time they need it really amps up recruiters’ ability to stay on top of their open requisitions and make the best placements happen faster than ever.

Gabi’s Talent Assessment Tool

There’s an additional feature available within AI powered software Gabi that also has the ability to help improve recruitment communication and efficiency. Gabi makes it possible for recruiters to schedule and review talent assessments that help provide good indicators for hiring. This helps with the recruiters’ ability to stay organized and focus on candidates that have the right talents for the role. Gabi makes it possible to not only review these results but share the assessment results within the platform as well. Another win-win scenario for recruiters using Gabi to improve not only their communication with candidates but their efficiency across the board.


The sooner the best match is found for an open position, the happier both the client and candidate are. As for the recruiter, it’s on to the next open requisition! If you’re not taking advantage of all the tools offered by an AI powered recruitment software, like Gabi, you’re likely to be left in the dust when it comes to finding and placing the best candidates. Schedule a product demo with Gabi today to see how this powerful AI tool will help your recruiters improve communication and placements rates in this highly competitive employment market.