By: Pranav Ramesh

5 Best Recruitment Hacks for 2022

Here we are: we’ve entered the third year of the pandemic, and it’s safe to say we’re all a little burnt out. And with the Great Resignation disrupting things in the workforce, recruitment is one of the industries that will most likely continue to struggle. Companies are looking to increase recruiter productivity now more than ever, as there’s a shortage of talent and a lot of positions to hire for. If you’re a recruiter, you know very well this is not an easy time.

Not only did a lot of people quit their jobs last year, but according to Microsoft, 46% of the global workforce is also planning to make an important career change. This means recruiters need to bring their ace game because things are going to only get more challenging in 2022. But challenging times can also bring new things and opportunities for growth and improvement.

On that note, we’ve put together some of the best recruiter productivity tips that will help you face challenges in 2022 like a superhero and avoid burnout in the recruitment process.

1. Recruiter Productivity Tips: Embrace Automation

Repetitive and tedious tasks are the death of productivity and where automation helps. By automating certain repetitive tasks, like posting the job requisition on multiple platforms and resume screening, recruiters get more quality time for interviews and a better candidate experience.

Using AI hiring tools for resume screening will increase recruiter productivity by saving hundreds of hours, while also cutting down costs. AI hiring tools, like Gabi’s Resume Aggregator helps you post the job requisition on multiple hiring platforms at the same time and will also review and sort all the resumes in a matter of minutes.

Another useful tool to increase recruiter productivity is the AI-powered talent ranking software that will automate ranking the candidates based on their skill sets. Taking advantage of the power of AI in recruiting is one of the best things recruiters can do in 2022. Even the workforce trends for 2022 reveal that AI will be used more and more because of benefits like automation and predictive engines.

2. Recruiter Productivity Tips: Take Things One Step at a Time

We’ve all lived in the fast-paced culture of multitasking. Even though we might still think that doing many things at the same time will help us be more efficient and productive, it’s actually the other way around. When you’re multitasking, you don’t allocate enough resources and time to each task, thus you do it more superficially. Your concentration decreases, and you’re more than likely to make more mistakes.

Make it a 2022 resolution to take things one step at a time. Make a weekly to-do list and include all the tasks you need to do, even the smallest ones. Commit to finishing one task before moving on to the next one, until you tackle each one of them. In time, not only will your productivity increase, but you will also see an improvement in the quality of your work.

3. Recruiter Productivity Tips: Prioritize

What better way to learn to give up on multitasking than to prioritize your tasks? It’s true that everything seems and feels urgent in an active recruitment process but if you prioritize, you free yourself from a lot of unnecessary stress. You have a clearer perspective of what needs to be done and what you can humanly do each day.

The best way to tackle prioritization is by diving tasks into three main categories:

  • Urgent – tasks that need to be done as soon as possible, no postponing.
  • Important – tasks that are not urgent but are important. In this category, you can include things that need to be done in the next three days/by the end of the workweek. These tasks move to urgent when their deadline comes.
  • Not urgent – tasks that you can postpone or that can be done at the end of the recruitment process.

It’s worth mentioning that to increase recruiter productivity through prioritization, all tasks must be put in the above categories. This way you won’t lose track of anything.

4. Recruiter Productivity Tips: Maintain a Candidate Database

Sometimes, to increase recruiter productivity, the solutions can already be in your hands. Not literally, but on a computer. After every recruitment process, keep the resumes and contacts of talented candidates that you haven’t yet hired. Also, include in your database resumes of people who were recommended for other positions in the company and of those who showed an interest in the past.

This way, whenever a position opens, you’ll have your own database of resumes that have already been filtered. Contact those people first, and you might just save yourself a lot of time. AI hiring tools can also help you to communicate with these candidates by sending automated messages on your behalf.

5. Recruiter Productivity Tips: Analyze Your Progress

Last but not least, it’s important to be mindful at all times of your progress. See if there is anything decreasing your productivity that you consistently notice. Once you can identify a problem, you can also search for a solution. You can keep a recruiter diary where you note down all the challenges you faced and what solutions you’ve found.

In time, this will help you become better at problem-solving and make you more aware of what you need to improve in the way you do your job. Keeping track of your progress will also help you meet your goals more easily, thus increasing your productivity.


Increasing recruiter productivity is a must for all companies in 2022, following the Great Resignation. Automation of resume screening, talent ranking, and communication with candidates are tested and proven ways that can increase recruiter productivity while also saving companies money.

AI hiring tools are making the recruitment process easier, more efficient, and more valuable for both recruiters and candidates. If you want to see how AI can help you increase recruiter productivity, sign up for a free trial today!