By: Pranav Ramesh

Gabi on-the-go: AI powered mobile recruitment

AI technology has made some spectacular advancements across numerous arenas, and the recruitment industry within the IT and tech fields is no exception. Recruiters using AI software for their placement needs can have a remarkable leg up on their competitors as they find the best candidates for their open requisitions in the quickest, most efficient way.  

One of the most significant advantages for a recruiter looking to make tight hire deadlines is the ability to work from anywhere at any time. Not many recruitment software products offer this as an option for their users, limiting where and when they can work.  

This is where Gabi comes in. Gabi is a first-of-its-kind, transformative, AI-powered recruiting engine that delivers fast, accurate, and globalized recruitment solutions. Aside from its ability to aggregate resumes, assess candidate skills and talents, and provide the best platform for communicating with candidates, Gabi is the only software of its kind to offer a mobile app to its users. Consider the game changed.  


What does a mobile app for recruitment do? 

A mobile recruitment app, like the one-of-a-kind feature offered by Gabi, allows for the ability to use recruitment software directly on a mobile phone. Mobile recruiting provides users access to all of the most important features of their recruiting platform on the go.  

Imagine being able to read and upload resumes, find top talent, and track the progress of every job requisition right from your phone. Recruiters can also create new job postings, review resumes, and contact candidates directly from their phones. Technology like Gabi is opening the door for recruiters to spend their valuable time on finding the best talent and avoid being bogged down with low-level tasks.


What are the benefits of using a mobile app for recruitment? 

Functionality that improves flexibility 

It can be very time-consuming and challenging for recruiters to keep track of multiple open requisitions and hundreds, if not thousands of candidates, at one time. What recruiters need for today’s competitive employment market is a software solution, powered by AI, that helps keep track of all the pieces of the hiring process in one place. 

Welcome to Gabi, a one-stop recruitment shop, complete with a mobile feature that allows for end-to-end functionality. Recruiters can start the hiring process for a client by posting an open requisition, reviewing top candidate resumes and conducting communication with a candidate all within Gabi. Gabi also lets recruiters schedule talent assessments and interviews to help find the most qualified candidate in the shortest time possible.  

From start to finish, Gabi allows recruiters to have complete control over the vetting and hiring process. And with an exclusive mobile app, recruiters have excellent end-to-end functionality to help them do their jobs on the go, at home, or in the office.  


Full desktop integration 

There’s nothing more frustrating to a recruiter than being tied to a desktop and losing the ability to communicate quickly and efficiently with candidates when they’re away from their computer. Thankfully, Gabi Mobile is the only software of its kind to completely integrate with the desktop application, allowing recruiters access to all of Gabi’s functionalities on their phones.  

Think of all the opportunities that Gabi Mobile makes possible. Recruiters can now easily send and receive text messages, make calls, automate follow-up communication, and schedule meetings and assessments with candidates all directly from their phones. Gabi’s high-level, on-the-go mobile app ensures that recruiters never have to miss out on the next great talent! 


Better communication with candidates  

Another excellent feature of Gabi’s exclusive mobile app is the ability for recruiters to communicate with top talent with a tap of the finger. Whether it’s contacting candidates via SMS, scheduling calls, sending emails, or setting up meetings, recruiters can make sure they stay in close contact with top talent for the best placements.  

Recruiters can also make notes on candidate profiles and automate follow-up emails to help keep organized and on top of every open requisition with Gabi Mobile. One of the most popular features among recruiters using Gabi is the automated responses that can be sent directly to candidates keeping them updated about each step in the hiring process. By performing this type of “busy” work for recruiters, Gabi allows them to focus on finding the best hires for clients in the shortest amount of time possible.  

Be certain you’re not left behind in the grueling recruiting marathon brought on by the Great Resignation. With recruitment solutions powered by AI, like Gabi, recruiters have more capabilities to aggregate resumes, communicate with candidates, and assess skills all from a single platform. 

But with Gabi, recruiters will have the ultimate edge over their competition. Not only is Gabi a high-performance solution for modern day recruitment, but it’s the only software with a mobile app to assist recruiters with every step of the placement process directly from their phones. Don’t leave anything to chance in this tough, nonstop recruiting market. Schedule your free demo with Gabi today and watch your productivity increase as placements soar. The future of recruiting is mobile. The future of recruiting is Gabi.