By: Pranav Ramesh

You’re Not Winning in 2022 Without These 10 Recruitment Skills

One of the most important parts of a recruiter’s job is to inquire and test candidates’ skills for the jobs they are hiring. Clients depend on the recruiter to help them spot and hire the best candidates. This means that the more skilled a recruiter has in their toolbox, the more successful they will be at helping their clients. 

With the recruitment industry going through important changes after the pandemic and the Great Resignation, recruiters need to bring their A-game in the recruiting process more than ever. On that note, what skills do you need to be a recruiter that thrives in 2022? Here are some of the most important recruiter skills that you need to have and work on to be on top of your game this year.  


  1. Active Listening

In recruitment, it’s important to ask the right questions but also to know when to keep quiet and listen carefully to what the candidate has to say. Active listening is one of the recruiter skills that will give you a better understanding of the personality your candidate has. More so, it can help you come up with great questions by following the candidate’s communication flow. 


  1. Excellent Communication

The better communicator you are, the smoother your recruiting process will go. In the end, recruitment is a communication job, so being an excellent communicator is one of the most important recruiter skills to have. Communication with the candidates but also with the company’s management is crucial for recruiters to understand what the business needs in terms of workforce.  


  1. Strong Marketing

Being a good recruiter also requires skills from other industries, especially in this era where everything that matters is digitally advertised. To be able to get the attention of top talent online, recruiters need to be able to market the job requisition as well as possible. That means it’s important for recruiters to develop marketing skills, at least at an entry-level.   


  1. Persuasion

In the same category as marketing, having good persuasion skills will help recruiters seal the deal with valuable candidates. In some ways, recruiting is also a sales job. It doesn’t all resume to candidates battling to get the position you are hiring for but also to you being able to pitch the job in such a way that will get the candidates more interested.   


  1. Analytical

As resume screening implies analyzing a huge amount of data, it’s almost needless to say that analytical skills are a must-have for any recruiter. Even though automation and innovative AI-powered resume screening tools (for example, the Resume Aggregator) make this step of the recruiting process much easier, recruiters need to bring their analytical skills to the table.  

In the end, you as a recruiter will choose the final candidates by being able to analyze all the information you’ve got during the recruiting process.   


  1. Fast Decision-Making

Recruitment has always been a fast-paced industry. The faster you can find the right candidate, the lower the chances of your competitor getting them. As ruthless as it sounds, the recruiting process is not only a competition between candidates but also between companies. Recruiters need to be able to make decisions fast when the opportunity arises to secure top talent in the company.  


  1. Time Management

Another important recruiter skill to have is time management. Since the recruiting process is lengthy and full of numerous tasks with great responsibility, being able to manage your work time is crucial. To improve this skill in 2022, you can use all kinds of tools that will make your job easier. A mobile recruiter app can keep you on track with all your tasks while on the move, buying you precious time and lowering your stress levels as a result.  


  1. The Right Attitude

Having a pleasant attitude is important for providing a positive candidate experience and boosting your company’s reputation. Candidates respond better and open up more to recruiters with a pleasant attitude. They feel more comfortable and at ease talking to a recruiter who is both professional but also friendly. Chances are you’ll see more of the candidate’s personality if the interview is conducted in a friendly manner.


  1. Patience

Recruiting is at times a tedious and lengthy process with repetitive tasks. If patience is not one of your best skills, make it a priority this year to exercise it as much as possible. It will help you make better decisions, avoid burnout and make fewer mistakes.   


  1. Productivity

You can probably measure the quality of a recruiter’s work by looking at their productivity levels. All the recruiter skills we presented above will eventually lead to increased productivity. And having good productivity as a recruiter your job will be done better, faster, and more qualitative.   

Working on these skills and improving them will help you become a better recruiter and do your job with more ease and pleasure. And to make the recruiting process easier for you, give Gabi’s AI-powered recruitment software a try. Automation is the future of recruitment.