By: Pranav Ramesh

Future Proofing Your Recruiting Through Digitization

Living in the digital era means that sooner or later almost every aspect of our work is bound to be digitally transformed in one form or another. While digitalization doesn’t mean everything we did in an analog way is going to disappear (or at least not completely), rather it makes work quicker by simplifying the process. 

This also applies to recruitment: we now have digital hiring and the power of automation for recruiters who want to do their jobs better, faster, and more meaningful. So, let’s take a closer look into digital hiring and why digitizing the recruitment process is going to benefit recruiters, candidates, and companies alike.  

What Is Digital Talent Acquisition?

Digital talent acquisition is focusing on finding top talent through platforms like LinkedIn, which helps connect talent hunters and sourcers with future potential candidates. The talent acquisition process is also looking at social media groups, where sourcers network with highly qualified people and analyze public posted resumes on hiring platforms.  

So, unlike in the past, when talent hunting was done much slower and more complicated by having to go physically to places, making as many connections as possible from events and seminars, now all of that can be done much faster and easier while using the digital power.  

What Are The Different Elements of the Digital Hiring Process?

To get a better understanding of the tools and ways digital hiring is making the recruitment process faster and easier, let’s see what are its elements: 


  • Digital Hiring Platforms 

 Nowadays, we have many digital hiring platforms available. Some are dedicated to certain industries and fields, perfect for niche recruiting, others are great for jobs in every field and place. The best way to take full advantage of this is for recruiters to post the job requisition on as many digital hiring platforms as possible. This way, they increase the chance of finding the best candidates.   

Since that takes a lot of time and effort, there are AI-powered recruitment tools available to aid in this process. Gabi Labs’ Resume Aggregator, for example, allows recruiters to post the job requisition on multiple platforms and get the responses in one place.  


  • Video Interviews 

 The pandemic and the remote recruiting/work have made this transition easier for all of us. Recruiters can now conduct the whole recruiting process online, including the interview. And many advantages come with it. 

Candidates can feel more relaxed, being able to talk to the recruiter from the comfort of their own home, thus are more likely to be much more open and honest. Recruiters can schedule interviews with people from all over the world, and this extends the talent pool in a limitless way. 


  • Automation 

 With automation, the most tedious and repetitive tasks of the recruiting process are taken care of, so recruiters can focus on getting to know the candidates. Automation in recruiting can help with resume screening, getting the job requisition posted on multiple hiring platforms at once, talent ranking, and even technical assessments. AI is slowly becoming a much-needed helping hand for recruiters everywhere.  


  • Mobile Apps 

 Recruiters nowadays no longer stay glued to their desks, and they need flexible solutions to be in full control of the recruiting process and keep in touch with candidates on the go. Mobile recruiting apps help recruiters set follow-up emails, make appointments, send and receive text messages and conduct candidates’ screenings all from the comfort of their phones.  


  • SMS 

 Emails can be missed, especially if they go to the spam folder or if the candidate receives many a day. What’s a better way to make sure you get to a candidate than sending an email? SMS is the fastest and easiest way to invite a candidate to an assessment or an interview or to send a follow-up notification. 

What Is the Future of Digital Hiring?

Every year, technological advancements are being made, especially regarding AI and how we can harness its power in all industries. The future of digital hiring is most probably going to have recruiters take full advantage of the AI-powered recruiting tools, to save time and become more productive. Video interviews are already being assisted by AI in some companies, and this is probably only going to be increasingly used and improved.  

The future of digital hiring is going to be a great partnership between human recruiters and artificial intelligence tools, simplifying and improving candidates’ experience and the whole overall recruiting process.  

You can make a step forward and take the recruiting process to a new and improved level with Gabi Labs. Try out our AI-powered software and get a 30 days trial to see what AI can do for you.