By: Pranav Ramesh

Are Your Job Posts Starved For Attention?

In this candidate-led market, recruiters need to utilize all the tools in their arsenal to attract candidates to their job postings. On the other side, clients are making hiring more challenging by being highly selective, as cultural fit becomes more important for both parties.  

One way recruiters can stay ahead of their competition is to improve job post engagement across all their open requisitions. While this seems like an easy idea in concept, a seasoned recruiter knows there are always difficult requisitions where it may seem like finding the perfect candidate is impossible.  

Read on for suggestions about how recruiters can identify ways to improve application rates for increased job post engagement, a great first step to staying competitive in this tough and tricky hiring market.  


How to increase applicants on your job postings 

Increasing the number of applicants to job postings provides the best opportunity to find the perfect candidate for a client. Improving the quality of job listings is one way to attract more applicants that will best fit your clients’ needs.  

It doesn’t hurt to go back to basics. Make sure job postings have all the pertinent information listed. This includes: 

  • Specific job duties and responsibilities
  • Required & preferred qualifications (including required degrees or certifications)
  • Where the job is located (remote, hybrid, or in-person)
  • Specifics on company culture
  • Salary*
  • Specific information on benefits and perks 

*Posting a salary range can be one of the more controversial components of a job posting. Some clients don’t allow for ranges to be listed, while other clients (and recruiters) find that listing salaries is absolutely crucial to managing candidate expectations. It can be obviously frustrating to make it to the offer stage in a hiring process only to find the candidate and client are miles apart on salary.  


Tips for increasing relevant applicants to job postings 

Once the job ad has been thoughtfully reviewed, it’s time to sell both the position and the client to prospective candidates. Enhancing a job posting and making it truly memorable is an effective way to increase not just the volume of applicants for a particular posting but will also help attract the most relevant applicants for that position.  

  • Include a dynamic company summary 

It’s important to sell candidates on a company’s mission, values, and purpose. Letting candidates know what company culture is like will help attract applicants who will fit well within that culture. Does a company have a laid-back environment or a more structured professional corporate setting? Is there a philanthropic mission associated with the company? Can you bring your dog to work? All these details will help let candidates know what the culture is like and attract those looking for similar things.  

  • Confirm with the client what is required vs. preferred 

The ongoing Pandemic and the skills gap have really caused the employment market to favor the employee. Employers have had to reconsider what were once automatic requirements for a particular job. Is a CS degree absolutely necessary? Or is coursework enough? Would it be sufficient for a candidate to work toward the completion of a certificate after they’ve been hired?  

A laundry list of qualifications that are required can really tie a recruiter’s hands. Collaborating with a client to understand where flexibility lies within a position can really open up the pool to some unique and exciting candidates who can bring different perspectives to the company. Plus, using AI-powered talent management software like Gabi can make assessing the skills of candidates a breeze, so recruiters can be certain their top talent has what it takes to get the job done.  

  • Make clear prospective deal-breakers to candidates 

Just as it’s important to understand where flexibility exists, recruiters must be aware of what are absolute deal breakers for their clients. When reimagining job posts, it’s important to present the position in the best light, while still being upfront with candidates.  

For example,  

  • Is night and/or weekend work required? 
  • Is travel involved with the position? How much? Including overnight travel? 
  • Does this position require someone to be on call? 
  • Is there supervision of other employees involved? 


Improve qualified candidate applications with AI  

Thankfully, AI-powered recruitment software, like Gabi, can help recruiters with every facet of the hiring process. From resume aggregation to AI-powered talent ranking to fully mobile capabilities and improved candidate communication, software like Gabi can easily take recruiters to the next level, starting with improved job post engagement and higher application rates.  

Talent management software like Gabi can publish job requisitions to multiple job boards and allows recruiters to view all the responses in one centralized location. This really lets recruiters focus on more intricate recruiting tasks like candidate communication and cultural fit. Gabi’s resume aggregator feature enables recruiters to create advance searches to meet highly specific requirements, a truly useful feature to help find those truly qualified candidates.  

It’s well established that the skills gap in the American workforce is causing increased difficulty in recruiting quality candidates for job requisitions. If recruiters want to get ahead and stay ahead of their competition, re-evaluating every aspect of the recruitment process can be a game-changer. 

This includes reviewing job ads for increased job post engagement and therefore getting an improved application rate for job postings. Improve qualified candidate applications with the help of AI-powered talent management software Gabi. Gabi will undoubtedly help candidates better understand job roles and prepare them for the expectation of the position. Request your free demo today!