By: Pranav Ramesh

Candidate Scheduling Hacks for the Busy Recruiter

Every day, do you say to yourself, “I need 3 of me to get all of my work done.”

Right now, you’re probably trying to somehow manage an unending mountain of candidate leads, unopened emails, call lists, and administrative tasks that you might never get around to finishing.

Thankfully, there’s some relief in sight. And while it’s not a personalized, super-intuitive, recruiting robot- it’s the closest thing to it.

Gabi is an anywhere, anytime, transformative AI powered recruiting engine that helps make organization and scheduling fast and simple. Gabi is a terrific way to stay in contact with talent and helps eliminate repetitive administrative tasks so you can focus on the human element of recruiting.

If you’re already using Gabi, have you unlocked the full potential of what the platform can do for you? And if you’re not using Gabi, you better request your free demo today. That mountain of work isn’t getting any smaller.

Pro Scheduling Tip #1: Schedule time to complete daily priorities & tasks

Scheduling time at the beginning and end of each day to develop and complete the day’s priorities. If they are recurring each day (or week), set calendar reminders for yourself to remind you of when they are due. Also, use these times each day to make sure that Gabi is updated with all the correct contact info for candidates that you’ll be reaching out to over the next 1-2 days. Confirming the candidates’ time zones is also a nice habit to get into to avoid inadvertently missing appointments.

Pro Scheduling Tip #2: Build your day out in blocks of time

You’ve seen colleagues try this technique and it worked for them- so why not try it yourself? Arranging your day into regular blocks of time helps you put in solid effort into each task while also providing you with a cut-off time to move onto the next task. Those who really enjoy organizing their time will often color-code the blocks of time based on the type of task that needs to be completed.

It’s also helpful to block off time in the morning, or right after 5pm to send out new candidate emails. For this task, use Gabi’s automated candidate communication hub to manage all your communication from one platform. Make calls to candidates, schedule HR interviews, and send automated follow-up emails all from within Gabi.

Pro Scheduling Tip #3: Use Gabi’s scheduling feature for greater flexibility

One of the most popular features within Gabi is the ability to schedule interviews with multiple candidates at once. Through Gabi, you can facilitate diverse types of interviews, from phone screenings to Zoom interviews in a simple, straightforward way. Gabi also provides access to all recruiter-candidate communication history and activity from one convenient platform, so you never have to comb through endless emails to find the information you’re looking for. You can also use Gabi’s robust scheduling capabilities to schedule and review talent assessments for candidates, which eliminates the need for in-person assessments and conveniently removes geographical barriers. You can then share the assessment results within Gabi with teammates and decide which candidates will get that coveted interview.

Pro Scheduling Tip #4: Use Gabi’s mobile app for convenience at your fingertips

Gabi’s proprietary mobile app provides the ability to manage all recruiting processes from one platform, wherever you are, gives you more time to spend developing relationships with candidates.

Within Gabi’s app, you can automate follow up emails and schedule meetings. You are able to send and receive SMS and schedule phone calls. Connect with candidates on the go and receive ranking and scoring information directly on your phones. If you need to speak with a candidate or client, time zones because less of an issue with mobile recruiting capabilities; you can talk anytime anywhere, with Gabi.

While the tips in this article are real time savers, Gabi does so much more that just scheduling. Gabi’s AI powered candidate ranking, resume aggregation, and unique mobile app make it the most formidable recruiting partner out there today. Request your free 30 day trial today and you’ll understand what you’ve been missing. Recruiting doesn’t have to be this hard. Let Gabi help you reach your full potential.