By: Pranav Ramesh

Top 5 Myths About the Recruiting Industry

Although most people know of the role that recruiters play in making the hiring process much easier, not everybody knows how the recruiting industry operates. 

We decided to lend a hand and clear up some of the most persistent misconceptions about recruitment we regularly hear about.

Myth 1. Recession spells doom for recruitment 

One of the most common misconceptions about recruitment and the recruiting industry is that a decline in economic activity is the recruiter’s worst nightmare. The reason for that is that during a recession, the number of candidates highly increases, so companies won’t invest in outsourcing the hiring process, as they have plenty of choices to make regarding talent acquisition.

A problem that recruiting companies used to face during recessions is that the employment status of a large part of the population changed, which was very hard to keep track of. Fortunately, with the evolution of technology, most processes are automated and recruiting companies don’t have to worry about keeping track of all the candidate profiles.

Another difficulty that was solved by technology in the recruiting industry is client communication. Keeping a close relationship with the clients during a recession is a very important element, that used to be a burden before the existence of recruiting software. Right now, it is just an issue of the past.

Myth 2. Recruitment has more demerits than advantages

Skeptics tend to say that the recruitment industry could have many disadvantages, which can wrongly distort the opinion of most people. This is why it is significant to understand the advantages of the industry, so you can see that by far, they outweigh the cons.

First off, the recruiting industry does an amazing job finding the right candidate for each vacancy. Having access to a large pool of job applicants, staffing firms can easily find the most qualified candidates for each industry, while following the latest recruiting trends.

Another pro of the recruitment industry is that it offers specialized talent acquisition services. Oftentimes, it can be very difficult for in-house hiring managers to choose the right employees, especially if they are not familiar with the position’s requirements. Recruiting agencies, on the other hand, have specialized departments for each sector, which is a huge advantage in the talent acquisition process.

Finally, knowing the job market is another huge advantage of the staffing industry. The ability to provide information regarding the state of the sector is a very big asset that the industry can offer, as it can help optimize your business according to the current recruitment market trends.

Myth 3. Recruiters intentionally complicate things

Commonly, skeptics tend to think that what the staffing industry does is overcomplicate the hiring process and get money for it. Although there are costs, just like for every service, that doesn’t mean the hiring process takes longer, with similar results to an in-house hiring manager’s expertise. Quite the opposite.

Recruitment makes the process of finding the right job applicants much easier, in a much shorter amount of time, with better results. Regarding the financial side, paying for professional recruitment services can be seen as a valuable investment, as the company’s profits will be much higher if the workers are highly qualified, and picked by a professional recruiter.

Myth 4. Recruiters only care about their comission

Another misconception is that recruiters are only looking for the commission and that recruitment won’t help much. This couldn’t be any further from the truth, as the recruiting industry would simply not exist if they wouldn’t provide real services with real results.

The statistics are not lying! 90% of companies use a staffing agency, for reasons that only the recruiting industry can ensure: saving money, guaranteeing hires, and increased productivity. With this being said, the commission paid offered for the recruiting process is actually a great investment for the company, with great advantages.

Myth 5. Recruiters use Stone Age tech

Long gone are the days when recruiters would have to manually search for suitable job candidates. In the present day, recruitment software can easily do this part of the process in a very short time, offering a huge advantage to both the staffing agencies and the companies that require their services.

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