By: Pranav Ramesh

Is Cloud-Based Software Really the Future of Recruitment? 

Cloud-based applicant tracking systems are a new addition to recruitment software technology, offering new possibilities and making the tasks of both recruiters and staff-searching companies effortless. 

The ability of cloud-based software to combine information from both the employer and the candidate databases and turn it into a simple resume compilation is the exact reason this type of recruitment software could be the industry’s future. 

As innovation and better-recruiting solutions are what we believe in at Gabi, we want to shed light on the subject of cloud-based software and its utility. Let’s analyze the benefits of this technology together!

Recruitment agency best practices

A very important trend that most recruitment agencies are following is automating their recruiting system and their daily tasks. After all, this is a no-brainer. Having the ability to automate all tasks is the key to productivity, easing both the recruitment process and the communication between staffing firms and their clients. 

Another influential habit that most recruiting agencies have is minimizing multitasking. This is especially essential for being able to offer the best solution and having a good focus on each client. Obviously, using competent recruitment software can tremendously help with that. 

Such habits have called for the need to simplify things—such as the recruiting process—and this is why more and more recruitment agencies have started using cloud-based software for both their client’s and their needs. 

Eliminating Installation Costs 

In a traditional setting, the recruitment process would need a third party to take care of organizing and sorting all the clients and candidates. It can be easily understood that hiring a third party leads to additional costs, which could significantly lower the budget of the staffing firms, as it is not the job of only one employee. 

This is why modern recruiting software is a much better alternative: it is usually based on a weekly or monthly subscription, much cheaper than hiring one or more people to take care of the administrative processes. There is also the enormous added benefit that cloud-based software instantly organizes all the information instantly. 

If you would like to use these benefits for your own comfort, don’t hesitate to use our solution at Gabi! 

How does recruitment software help build Recruiter-Client relationships?

The fact that every client’s info is at one press of a button away from you with such recruiting tools is a good enough reason to make you understand how strong cloud-based software is and how much it can improve the relationship between the clients and the agency. Being able to quickly access their provided information means being able to always being aware of their needs, hence dramatically improving the relationship. 

Similarly, if their priorities change, you can easily be notified and be in touch with their new needs, without having to do lots of manual switches to their files. This is also important, because it minimizes the chance of errors, so the clients are always being kept happy and content with the recruitment processes. 

Why Isn’t Everyone Using Recruiting Software? 

Many people tend to associate recruiting software with larger enterprises, while startups and small businesses tend to associate themselves with in-house recruiters, which are usually doing the recruiting job as an additional task. The misconception that the digital recruitment process is expensive also adds up to why smaller businesses use it less. 

It all comes down to misinformation. People think of recruitment software just as they think of paying for hiring managers, which is completely false. Paying for manual hiring managers is a much more costly experience for your workforce planning while using a cloud-based recruitment software typically offers a free trial, as well as a much cheaper pricing plan. This is why all staffing firms use it! 

Gabi can offer you the solution for all your recruitment needs. With an accessible pricing plan, as well as the benefit of a free trial of 30 days, you can take your recruitment to the next level with much less effort! 

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