By: Pranav Ramesh

Don’t Be Conned By a Resume Writer

You may see resume writing as an essential thing you can do for your career. Most job seekers go through a very complex resume writing process where they showcase their relevant skills in order to score their dream job.

Some people may even go as far as paying for a resume writing service. After all, such a service could be a good investment in your future career, right? The subject is up for discussion. After all, you can be conned in every industry, so keeping an eye out for the best choice is essential.

The Cost of a Professional Resume Writing Service

Depending on how advanced you wish your resume to be, a resume writing service can cost somewhere between $100 and $400. Sometimes, such services can be listed at very low or very high prices (for example, under $100 or ridiculous prices like $3000). Most job seekers try to either get a cheap resume or get a high-quality one, which may encourage them to try the extreme prices.

Although it may seem like a good idea for some, a resume with an extreme price can be a scam, especially if there is no explanation for why the price is so high or so low. As you have no guarantee that the resume is going to work, it is important to keep an eye out for whatever you think looks odd, and not engaging.

Your Resume Writer Knows Their Limitations!

The resume writing process can only work with what you already have. That means it can help you get a more visible resume and make it look better and more attractive to the employer. However, a resume writer cannot change your employment history or make you look like you have more experience.

This is why you should only look for a resume writing service if you truly need it. For example, beginners will already have very simple resumes that writers can’t do much to change, so don’t buy into the idea that you automatically need to pay for your resume from the first moment, because that might be wrong.

Guarantees (Money Back or Job Placement)

More often than not, resume writing services will also offer some kind of money-back guarantee in order to attract more clients. The guarantee is usually that if the resume format doesn’t get you a job interview in a given amount of time, you will get back whatever investment you have put into it.

Although this can probably make you trust the process and immediately choose a service based on the fact that you can get your money back if you are not content, there might be hidden conditions. It is important that you read every contract very well, and understand what they have to say. You have to be very careful, as you can spend your money and not get to your resume objective, and all this in a completely legal manner.

No Revisions

Many resume writing companies also offer an “unlimited revisions” guarantee, in case you don’t get an interview after paying for their service. In this case, one of the best resume writing tips would be to read the fine print too. This guarantee, although sounds very good, also has some strings attached to it, similarly to the money-back guarantee.

Usually, it’s the time frame. A predetermined date is set most of the time for the revisions, so you have to do everything within that specific date in order for it to count. A similar thing applies to the “interview guarantee”. It can mean that if you didn’t reach the resume objective, you can get a free revision. The problem with this is that if it didn’t work the first time, it may not work the second time either.

Top 10 Resume Writer/ Resume Service Lists

The internet offers a multitude of resume writing tips for jobseekers. Sometimes, these tips come in the form of evaluating certain companies that can write a resume for you. It is, indeed, important to have an evaluation of a potential service that you may solicit, but it is also important that the info that you are consuming is backed up by solid evidence.

The “top 10” type of list is a popular format for these evaluations, and while the lists can appear on well-meaning websites, there’s still a concern: they contradict each other. They can be very subjective, with each list giving out different pros and cons for the same company. Conduct the research yourself! Look for sources that you feel are reliable! It may take longer, but it will save you a lot of time and money.

Guaranteed Quick Turnaround Time

At, we believe in efficiency. But does quickness always equal efficiency? Writing a resume is most likely never an emergency. You need it in the long term. Big words and guarantees may trick you into thinking that the quicker you get the resume, the better, but is really this the case?

If the answer is no, then you know why a quick turnaround guarantee is not the promise you should be looking for. The final product may look good, but it probably follows a prior resume format, without having actual time and effort put into it, hence not being as high-quality as it seems.

Finally, resumes can overcomplicate the employer’s job too. Why look through so many resumes that may not be what you are looking for when you have a much better alternative?

At, you can benefit from our innovative applicant tracking systems that will send you only the relevant resumes that you truly want to read!

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