By: Pranav Ramesh

Here Is Why Your Resume Can Make or Break Your Job Prospects

Your personal brand is one of the most important assets for getting the right job. Having a good resume can place you very high on the hierarchy of job seekers, and you will be more likely to get accepted by the companies you are looking for. 

In this article, we will go over some resume tips that will help you improve your personal brand, while also analyzing your resume’s importance for the recruiting process. Read on, and find out how to better showcase your professional experience! 

Typical Misconceptions During a Job Search 

Oftentimes, people think that all you need in order to succeed with your job search is a skills-based resume. While the skill section is an important part of it, the truth is that this is not the only thing that will land you that perfect job. The way your resume speaks to the reader can say a lot about you, and it can be impressive to an employer, even if you don’t have incredible prior experience to show off. 

Another misconception is that you should only list the experience you need for the field you are looking to get into. Many job seekers make this mistake, but what they don’t understand is that there are many transferable skills that can be obtained through any type of job. So one of the best resume tips is to list your full experience. You can never go wrong with showing a lot of experience, but you can go wrong with showing too little!  

Skill Sets, or a Chronological Listing? 

There are many types of resumes, but two of the most well-known formats are the chronological and the functional resume. The chronological resume is the one that acts as a list of past jobs, in chronological order. The functional resume is the one that puts more focus on the skills section rather than the actual jobs that you have gone through. 

Questions will inevitably arise: which one is better? Is there an optimal type of resume that increases the chances that your job application is successful? The answer, like anything in life, is relative. Both resume types can make or break your job application, so it is very important to understand what your needs are, and how to use them to your advantage. 

A functional resume is usually better if you are new to the workforce, or have certain gaps in your career history. If stating the experience may not be your resume’s strongest point, then you should put more effort into the skills section. A good resume will always present the theoretical and technical skills in an engaging way, making you look good in the eyes of the employer. 

The chronological resume is quite the opposite of its counterpart. It states former jobs, rather than skill, so it is more suited for people with consistent experience in a field. It is based on impressing the employer through a vast history rather than a skills-related array. The advantage is that a good work history can also indirectly showcase certain skills, so the chronological resume is the advantage of the experienced man. 

The Anatomy of a Resume With Impact 

Your next job application needs to be perfect, but you still aren’t sure that you have a great resume. You feel like both functional and chronological resumes lack the element of variety. In this case, there is something else you can try—the combination resume, where you can get the best of both worlds! 

This type of resume can have a huge impact and may win you the job—only under the right conditions. Specificity is key in this situation. If you could offer someone exactly what they need, you would inevitably have them by your side. Same with this resume type! 

The combination resume will provide both your professional background and a brief set of skills, specifically selected for the job title you are trying to get. This way, you can show the employer that you are trustworthy, and you can prove the skills that you are claiming, through your prior experience. 

Simply put, the key to a great resume file is specific. Hit the exact points that the job is asking for, and you can be sure that you will receive a new spot in the workforce. 

Why Should We Invest in Professional Resume Writers? 

First and foremost, investing in a professional resume writer will save you time. It is as simple as that, especially if you are looking into building a resume that will give out only the relevant skills for the specific job you are trying to get. There is no point in making a new resume for each job by yourself, as it would consume a lot of time and effort. Hiring a professional may be one of the best resume tips you can get! 

Another important thing that a resume writer can do is catch the attention of hiring managers. You may think that writing a resume only requires knowing your skills and prior experience, but it is a lot more than that. It is about knowing the job market, and being able to give out the information and relevant experience that every hiring manager wants from a new employee. After all, who knows the job market better than resume writers at this point? 

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