By: Pranav Ramesh

Say Goodbye to HR Blues with the Right Tech 

The need for methods of finding and keeping employees and having ease of access to employee data has given birth to new branches of technology. With time, improvements became more and more notable, and HR technology became the solution to numerous industry problems. 

While a relatively new concept, HR technology, and talent management software aren’t yet used by all companies. This is mainly because not all CEOs have managed to look into the subject and understand how helpful HR software can be. 

If the idea has sparked your curiosity, reading this material will show you the exact way HR tech will solve your human capital management problems, while also improving the employee experience! 


HR Tech and Employee Wellbeing 

The well-being of your employees will create a win-win situation for both parties. A happy employee will be more competent, and a good employer will be able to keep more competent employees. It is essential that this relationship is well-maintained, and that the HR teams keep in touch with the workforce. 

The lack of employee well-being gave birth to hidden problems in many companies. For example, studies are showing that 67% of US workers could be quiet quitting. Not only that, but the US takes 2nd place worldwide at the quiet quitting activity. Employees are not putting as much work in as they used to, and the most likely cause is not having a proper work environment. 

This is where HR technology comes into play. All employees can give their opinions on workplace improvements, and their answers can automatically be added to the employee data. This way, it will be much easier to calculate and adjust both the team’s needs and the needs of each employee. 

Can HR Teams Manage Skill Gaps? 

HR departments are always looking to solve the skill gaps in the workforce, as frequent changes in the nature of certain services require new skills. To be able to understand which skills can be improved or learned by each employee, it is crucial that the skills are being stored along the employee data. 

This is how HR software can help with managing skill gaps. HR teams need to conduct a skill gap analysis, which can only be done by having good knowledge of employee data. A very helpful tool in this situation can be performance analytics software, which can show how well employees assimilate into the work environment while giving you the possibility to assign roles and guide them along the way. 

Trouble With Talent Acquisition? 

Finding truly talented workers can put HR professionals in a difficult position, as continuously interviewing potential candidates without having some method of comparing their abilities in real-time can be highly ineffective. To understand what talent is in the industry, you have to compare many potential candidates and pick the best of them, which is not very easy if done without any type of external help. 

This is where HR software can do an amazing job. By giving you the ability to easily keep track of all the candidate data, it can be much easier to see the ongoing competition between all potential candidates. By using human resource technology, you will gain a lot of power while saving a lot of time, because having a clear registry where you can compare the candidate skills will filter the true talents and boost your company’s performance management. 

HR Professionals and Communication 

Statistics are showing that the number one reason for workplace failures is the lack of effective communication and collaboration, with 86% of both executives and employees sharing the same opinion. On the other hand, efficient communication can help with increasing productivity by 25%.  

Not only that, but workplace failures usually bring a wave of dismissals after themselves, The cost of a single new candidate is, on average, $7600, so a wave of dismissals will come with the need for new hires. This will create unnecessary costs that could be avoided through a good communication system. 

HR tech can help with improving communication. Analytics software can be the best solution for improving internal communication as well while giving employees a better understanding of their tasks. This HR technology can automate communication, making it more simple and more effective, while also keeping it as clear as possible. 


The Bottom Line 

HR Tech can have a huge impact on gaining and retaining the workforce, as well as improving their skills and, overall, helping the company achieve the growth that it desires. Using such tools can save you a lot of time by automating numerous processes. It can also save you money, by not having to go through the process of constantly hiring and firing employees. 

There is another advantage on the financial side: HR technology is very cost-effective! With only $39.99 per month, you can get rid of most HR difficulties and create a much easier hiring process! 

Not only that, but at Gabilabs, we offer a free, limited 90-day trial! Your company could really benefit from such software, so create your account now!