By: Pranav Ramesh

Finding the Right Recruiting Partner

Did you know that understanding how to optimize the recruitment process can shorten the hiring process by 60%, while also improving its quality? This is true for both candidates who are trying to find jobs, and for companies in search of talent. With this being said, what could be the number one thing that can help you understand the recruitment process and how to optimize it to find potential new jobs? 

The answer is simply knowing what the recruiting business is all about, and most importantly, where to find recruiters. They always have a pretty wide reach, as they can be found across social media and different associations, as well as job boards. Finding the right recruiter is mostly about choosing a method that works best for you. 

Here are just a few ways how you can find a recruiter to help you find potential new jobs: 

  • Get Social It’s proven that the best way to find a job is through networking. 85% of job openings are filled through networking, so asking your personal contacts to recommend you a recruiter could be a simple choice that can get you a new job! 
  • Try a Staffing AgencyThese agencies are specially made to help you fill new job openings. Out of all the staffing agency employees, 73% of them are full-time workers, so you are going to deal with highly-skilled recruiters, who only do that for a living! 
  • Apply to Top CompaniesReaching out directly to a top company will open new opportunities. Even if they don’t accept you for their job openings, they may improve your job search strategy by outsourcing their talent acquisition to other companies. 


These Three Types Of Recruiters Will Determine Your Next Job Title 

Even though their job is the same, their way of operating with recruiters and their work environment can heavily differ. The good news is that you don’t have to perfectly know all the recruiter subtypes that exist. There are only three types that you must know, and choosing the right type will make your journey to your next job title much easier! 


Corporate Recruiters 

The results of a recent survey show that 68% of companies focus on directly hiring their candidates. That means the companies have their in-house recruiters who have the sole mission of finding candidates on a job search and directing them to the company. These recruiters are called internal or corporate recruiters. 

Connecting with an internal recruiter is best done when you are looking for job titles inside certain companies. For this job search strategy, it is recommended that you first skim through the company’s LinkedIn page and find the employees that could be recruiters. After that, you simply send them a message, showing your interest in working with said company, while listing some of your accomplishments as well. 

Although connecting with a corporate recruiter this way won’t guarantee that they still have job openings for you, it will still open some new opportunities in the long term, as the recruiter may search for you first when a new job title is open. 


Contingent Recruiters 

These are outsourced recruiters that get paid when a candidate remains employed for longer than the trial period. Their primary source of compensation is a contingency commission, which is usually 25% of the new employee’s salary value. 

Contingent recruiters are always motivated to send your resume to multiple companies at once. Opting for a recruiter that works on contingency is the best fit for candidates that need to find new jobs in a very short amount of time. It is important you require these recruiters to seek your approval every time they send your resume to a company, in order to avoid awkward double applications. 


Retained Recruiters 

Retained recruiters partner up with the company’s hiring department, creating a strategy for choosing the right candidates and constantly being on the look for talent. As they dedicate a lot of time and effort to their search, they usually get a payment equal to half of the candidate’s first-year salary. 

Working with a retained recruiter means you are dealing with competition. The recruiter is trying to pick the best candidate, so get ready to present the best of your assets! The way you can get in contact with a retained recruiter is typically through networking, as they are mostly working for firms that aren’t advertised. 


Can Recruiting Software Help? 

Recruiting software is gaining popularity, with 68% of recruiting professionals saying that investing in this technology is the best way of improving the company’s recruitment performance. Not only that, but a whopping 94% of HR professionals have had a positive experience with recruiting software. 

If you have a high-quality resume, you should try to make it visible! The rest will be done by the recruitment software. 

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