By: Pranav Ramesh

Mobile Recruiting Software: Key Features And Benefits

Christopher Denton used to struggle with hiring new candidates for his company. New job seekers would come and go, but either they weren’t the right pick for Christopher, or the company wasn’t the right pick for them. On top of that, the whole recruitment process and the job interview process that Christopher had to put them through simply took too much time, which he could use in more productive ways to grow his business.

As happens to every hard-working person, success suddenly hit Christopher, but it was no coincidence. He managed to save himself and his company from hours at the office, conducting interviews that led nowhere. Now he can find more applicants who are a better fit for the job, while not necessarily having to go through the interview process at the office.

It wasn’t until he discovered mobile recruiting software, though. Wondering how exactly this innovative solution can bring you more applicants of higher quality, while significantly minimizing your efforts? Let’s find out!

The Link Between Recruiting and Mobile Devices

More than 90% of job seekers use their mobile devices to look for jobs, while 89% of them claim that their mobile device is one of the most important resources for their job search. What does that mean? It’s simple. People are always on their phones, so it’s natural that recruiting has moved into mobile device territory, hence the appearance of mobile recruiting software.

With the rise of mobile technology for its ease of use and versatility, attracting and engaging candidates by using a phone can be one of the best and handiest tools available for a recruiter. Now that we’ve established the common ground between recruitment and mobile devices, it is time to delve deeper into the subject by answering the question…

How Does Mobile Recruiting Software Work?

Having the ability to have a whole recruiting tool in your pocket sounds like an amazing thing, and fortunately, it’s easily possible! The possibilities it offers are endless: 89% of job seekers are looking for jobs on their phones daily, so it gives you the ability to reach candidates whenever they are active. Passive candidates can be also engaged easily, as people spend a lot of time on their phones every day. Last but not least, you can manage the recruiting process from anywhere!

All these things become possible by putting together applicant tracking systems with candidate relationship systems and marketing tools that engage candidates, creating a unified experience by sharing all the necessary data with the applicants, and instantly offering them the ability to go through the application process.

Key Features Of A Mobile Recruiting Software

This type of software offers several features that can be accessed from your mobile device. The features range from recruiting and communication to analytics and stats. Here are a few of the most important features of mobile recruiting tools :

  • Recruiting and engaging job candidates through text messages.
  • Mobile career sites.
  • Applying through text, or “one tap” applications.
  • Analytics and reporting on your mobile device.
  • Virtual career fairs.

Of course, these are the technical features, but there is one more key feature that doesn’t get talked about as much: about 15% of job candidates are already employed. That means, rightfully so, that they don’t want to risk looking for jobs on their work computers, so they resort to using their phones. This way, mobile recruiting tools create a safer space for them too, by making applications available on every mobile device.

Benefits of Mobile Recruiting Software

The fact that the amount of mobile job searches exceeds 1 billion per month only makes it very logical that mobile recruiting companies are working very hard to improve their tools and provide as many benefits as possible, tailoring the mobile experience so that both recruiters and job candidates can have the best experience.

With this being said, the number one benefit for recruiters is finding more candidates. With so many mobile job searches, it’s a no-brainer that mobile recruiting can become the best solution for most companies. Mobile recruiting also encourages candidates to take action quickly, which also improves the candidate volume, as the majority don’t take time to “think about it”, so there are fewer chances that they change their minds.

Another benefit is speed. Mobile-friendly applications are very easy to fill, while push notifications and the automated messaging systems offered by these mobile tools are even more helpful in moving the candidate through the application process quickly.

Last but not least, saving time and money is one of the huge benefits of mobile recruiting tools. You get access to a large pool of job candidates for a very small fraction of what you would normally pay to a recruiting agency. Similarly, the automation of processes saves plenty of time, giving you the ability to focus more on other aspects of your company’s growth!

Bottom Line

Remember our friend, Chris, from the beginning of this article? His company’s still crushing it, and he is consistently hiring fresh talent with the AI-powered recruiting software he found at His recruiting process can now be done anywhere and anytime with Gabi, at one simple touch of a screen!