By: Pranav Ramesh

Job Post Aggregator: What It is, and How It Can Benefit Your Business

Remember back in the day, when newspapers used to have a job section where you could see numerous listings, make some calls, and schedule interviews?

 Well, that’s the equivalent of a job board. Think of it this way: you rip off the job listing pages, put them all together, and create some kind of job magazine. Congrats, you’ve just created the old-school equivalent of a job post aggregator software!

What’s great about the job post aggregator software we have today, is that you don’t have to switch lots of pages and make many phone calls until you find what you are looking for. You have a search engine that will find exactly what you are looking for! You probably know already that it’s a good idea, but keep on reading, as it is a lot more to it than that!

What Is Job Post Aggregator Software, Exactly?

We’ve already explained what job aggregators are, but it is also very important to get a bit more in-depth with the explanation and get into the technical part, so nothing gets overlooked. Job aggregators are search engines for job postings. Their role is to gather job postings from different job boards and other websites, giving you the ability to search for anything you need.

Job aggregators will also provide information about the source of each posting, also providing different filters (like part-time vs full-time, remote vs local). A very insignificant downside is that posts from websites like Craigslist are not sourced by the software, but that shouldn’t be a problem, as there are plenty of choices that the software can offer!

How Does a Job Post Aggregator Software Work?

The core values of a job aggregator are data and advanced search functionality. What job aggregators do is they pull data from job boards and bring it all together into the search engine.

What job aggregators usually focus on is volume, specifically the volume of candidates that are applying for jobs. Although they don’t always bring the best candidates, or they don’t make perfect matches between the jobs and the job seekers, they can still be a very good choice, as they offer plenty of options for employers to choose from.

What is The Difference Between Job Boards and Job Aggregators?

You could say that job boards are about specificity, while job aggregators are all about volume. While job boards are websites that allow employers to post their offers, job aggregators are not about posting, but about searching. This way, a job aggregator can give you plenty of options, from the most popular, to the most niche job board.

This way, job postings from different boards are going to come up after a search on an aggregator software, as they usually have access to a wide range of software, including job boards, putting them together through the searchable online interface.

Benefits of Job Aggregators

One of the main benefits of this type of software is saving time. If you are looking for a special kind of job, it can be hard to find the exact niche job board where you can find what you are looking for. This is where job aggregators come into play: with a search engine interface and a filtering system, they can help you find exactly what you are looking for in a much shorter amount of time.

Another benefit is the ability to find rare job postings. Aggregators can search beyond job boards, which makes it possible that you can find certain positions that can’t be found on a standard job board. Some of these positions can be very profitable, so a job aggregator has the potential to fulfill the dreams of all job seekers!

Finally, an aggregator can help with assessing the job market. A simple search can provide a lot of information about a particular field, giving you the ability to find out the number of available jobs, the companies that are hiring, the most needed positions, and so on, which can be very helpful to know in some situations, no matter if you are looking for a new job or not.

Bottom Line

Aggregator software is probably the best tool at hand for most job seekers. It offers the ability to search for exactly what you want, eliminating the need for finding that niche job board that may or may not get you your next job, so the main advantage of this type of software is the time-saving capacities it has.

The advanced search functionality that they offer not only saves time but also offers loads of valuable information, with filtering systems and access to numerous databases that go beyond job boards.

With this being said, job aggregators are the perfect choice for both job seekers and people who are trying to study the job market, as they are characterized by both quick access to the job posting, and a wide array of information.