By: Pranav Ramesh

Job Board vs Job Post Aggregators: What Is The Difference?

Your computer is filled with open tabs that you need to switch between. There are plenty of vendors in the online world selling thousands of products, but how do you find the one that fits? The same scenario happens to job seekers looking for new opportunities and recruiters looking for the perfect candidate. 

Being able to gather all those details and compare them has never been easier. The go-to strategy for both potential candidates and job recruiters is either job boards or job aggregators. 

What Is a Job Board?

Job boards represent a platform where job recruiters can advertise openings. Boards collect and host job postings from HR teams and serve as a go-between for employers and candidates. 

Typically used by potential employees, job boards can help them find open listings in their desired field and location.

The postings will include the necessary skills and qualifications needed for the opening, and a summary of the job’s responsibilities. Candidates can either apply directly through the platform or send their application on the employer’s website. Candidates can choose to use a general job board or a niche one. General ones cover various sectors from manufacturing to IT, whereas a niche board is dedicated to a specific industry, area, or service.

Some job boards can assist HR professionals with new types of recruiting technology, such as the ability to send and receive resumes, help them with talent acquisition, or use intelligent software to evaluate applicants before the interview. 

But, as we said in our last week’s article, boards are all about specificity. 

What Is a Job Aggregator?

A job post aggregator software is pretty much like a search engine based on a database of job postings. 

As Google scrapes the internet to provide you with the most relevant results based on your search, a job post aggregator software works in the same way — by compiling a list of numerous job postings into a standard format and displaying them on the platform. Users can search websites through multiple filters including keywords, salaries, positions, and more.

Even though most of the openings are not posted by job recruiters directly into a job post aggregator software, the program will still systemize those in the same list. Simply put, websites that only serve as job boards frequently post job opportunities for a specific industry, such as non-profits, education, or medicine, allowing individuals working in those fields to narrow and tailor their search. 

Job aggregators, on the other hand, obtain the majority of their posts by collecting all job postings from job boards and incorporating them into their search engines.

Breaking Down the Benefits of Choosing a Job Post Aggregator Software

As the online world is now the place for both finding and offering a job, finding ways to optimize your recruitment strategy can be very beneficial for your business and improve the quality of the hiring process and shortening it by 60%. Job aggregators are beneficial for job seekers and recruiters at the same time, as it makes the process a lot easier. 

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using job post aggregator software instead of job boards.

  • Aggregators can save a lot of time. Using job post aggregator software can ease your search as you can look for multiple jobs at once. Remember how overwhelming it might be to have tens of open tabs? Well, an extensive search will do it for you, by compiling the results from job boards, company websites, social media platforms, as well as magazine job sections, instead of you having to search through multiple boards at the same time.
  • Job aggregators can be a tool for scanning the market. These platforms are beneficial for both sides, they can help job seekers find hidden gems in their field, as the results are more comprehensive and offer them a broader look into the job market. On another hand, job recruiters can use aggregators to get an analysis of the market dynamics in a specific field, as it provides them with details on available openings, companies, and hiring, helping them with talent acquisition.
  • Aggregators can increase your reach and help you acquire talent. Since we are going through the hybrid work shift, job seekers are not limited to looking for jobs based on their location anymore. By making sure that your job listings are visible, you can expand your pool of potential candidates, as well as gather all their information in the same place, so the process goes a lot smoother for both sides. It’s a win-win situation.

Work Smarter, Not Harder!

The truth is that we all look for something that makes our search process easier and more efficient at the same time, so job aggregators are the way to go for both potential employees and for companies looking to better their recruitment strategy. So, why not try it out for yourself?

Using automated solutions and incorporating AI into your recruitment strategy can make your job a lot easier, so you can save time and improve quality!