By: Pranav Ramesh

How Recruiters Manage Job Application Overload

Finding suitable candidates for a job opening is never an easy task. 

The process is like a game of hide and seek, constantly searching for the right person to check all the qualifications a company needs. Job recruiters sometimes struggle because of the number of applications, trying to find the perfect match.

The truth is that, at least once in our lifetime, we have struggled with a work overload. Too many tasks, big projects, and endless meetings — are just a few factors influencing our work-life balance and keeping us overwhelmed by the volume of work. That’s why it’s important to optimize your tasks as much as possible in order not to fall into a constant circle of exhaustion.

For recruiters, there are some simple steps they can implement in their recruitment strategy that can easily help them manage job application overload. Let’s break down some of the best staffing solutions out there.

How Can You Hire the Right Candidates Amidst Application Overload?

Job recruiters often have to face challenges before finding the right candidate, work overload being one of them. Moreover, talent acquisition professionals need to deal with candidate sourcing and ranking them based on their skills. Even though an open position might receive tens of applications, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all of them are suitable for the position.

In fact, research shows that almost 65% of job recruiters receive applications from unqualified candidates, which is one of the biggest challenges they need to overcome. As such, having an optimized recruitment strategy can easily help you get rid of multiple piles of CVs and reduce work overload. We’ve compiled a list of steps any HR professionals follow to manage job applications in less time and more efficiently.

Focus on Writing Good Job Descriptions

Even though hiring managers recognize the significance of providing accurate and relevant details when posting job listings, some might underestimate it. Job descriptions are basically the first perception a potential employee has over your company, which makes them interested or not in the position.

Recruiters should always put effort into the description, as it can attract or discourage unqualified candidates from applying. Make sure to include all the relevant details, sum up the available role, make a comprehensive list of the responsibilities and skills needed, and share a few company values.

This way, you can avoid applications from candidates who don’t possess the skills needed in your team. On the other hand, when the right people find your listing and really want to apply, you will receive qualified applicants all through the hiring process.

Keep Track of Applications Through a Resume Aggregator

The era of keeping multiple physical files is long gone, as the internet has taken over. Instead of searching through tens of resumes in your inbox or keeping files of the candidates, you can opt for hiring software that can preserve all the responses in the same place. A resume aggregator can be easily used alongside a job aggregator: you post your opening across multiple platforms at the same time and increase your visibility.

Once your query receives applications, a resume aggregator can gather all the responses and arrange them based on the criteria you selected in one centralized location. Moreover, a resume aggregator can help you sort through candidates faster by using an advanced search with filters like job title, skills, name, location, availability, and experience. 

Ultimately, optimizing your recruitment strategy using technology can improve your hiring performance, 68% of job recruiters believe.

Leverage AI Technology for Talent Ranking

Remember how talent acquisition is one of the most common challenges for employers and job recruiters? Well, searching through a pile of resumes can sometimes make them miss out on the perfect candidate. However, using AI-powered talent raking software can not only speed up the talent acquisition process but also ensure that recruiters find the perfect match for the job.

How does it work in practice? 

Simply put, you can enter all the applications, no matter how many of them, in one scoring system, and the software tools will sort them out, assign a score to the candidates and make a list of the ones that fit the company’s needs. 

An AI-powered resume ranking can provide you with a score based on profile match, job title similarity, and skill strength, narrowing down the candidates that can benefit your business. 

More Staffing Solutions Are Just Around the Corner!

Recruitment has never been easier now that you have multiple staffing solutions available for you! The process doesn’t have to be overwhelming or hard. Instead, recruiters now have the chance to access accurate and fast tools that help them optimize their recruitment strategy and deliver fast results.

Of course, AI-powered software can never replace a hiring team, but it can provide the automation needed for an easier process. 

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