By: Pranav Ramesh

Specialists Needed! How using AI Can Help Identify Perfect Candidates

Did you know that approximately 250 applications are submitted every time a corporate job offering is open?

Imagine hiring managers stumbling into those papers every time they need to fill in those positions. It most certainly takes a lot of time and effort to find qualified candidates in such a short period. Using AI for recruiting has proven to have a valuable impact on the hiring process by bringing efficiency to the job market through personalized service.

Modern workforces are becoming more aware of the power of AI recruiting tools and start leveraging those in their recruitment process. However, understanding how AI-driven technology works can confuse you, that’s why we will break down its benefits for finding the right candidates for your company!

The Link Between AI & Specific Skillsets: Using AI for Evaluation

Leveraging AI for recruiting has numerous advantages in maximizing the hiring process, from saving time to diversifying the candidate pool and ensuring a better rate of the talent acquisition process. 

Automating high-volume, repetitive tasks like resume screening and candidate evaluation is one of the many potential benefits of using AI for recruiting. AI can increase the fairness of the hiring process by improving the quantity and quality of data sources. Additionally, it can help hiring managers pinpoint the character traits and qualifications of people who are most likely to succeed in the role.

Imagine that you are trying to hire someone for an open position in the tech field. Of course, there are certain competencies needed in most work fields, such as soft skills, good communication, self-management, and willingness to learn. 

However, niche fields require other abilities from potential candidates, so recruiters have to pay attention to their field skill strengths. Well, using AI for evaluation can easily make the process faster with AI-powered talent ranking or other AI recruiting tools.

How can you leverage AI for evaluation?

  • AI can speed up and improve the search process, build talent pools for future sourcing, and save HR recruiters a ton of time by checking and sorting various sources of candidates.
  • Certain AI-driven recruiting software can sort qualified candidates based on their job title similarity and identify a list of potential employees with the longest experience in the field.
  • Talent ranking AI-powered tools, such as GabiLabs’, assign a certain score to potential candidates and rank them based on their skills, making the process a lot shorter. 

Hiring in Niche Markets and Specialty Positions

As mentioned before, using AI for hiring in niche markets can be very beneficial to your recruitment process, as you can directly focus on candidate experience. You may need to take into account niche recruiting strategies if you’re looking for talent in a particular field. They’ll enable you to focus your search, optimize the hiring process, and guarantee that you find the best candidates for specialized positions.

The truth is that in case of poor recruitment strategies, you may lose the highest-rated qualified candidates to some of your competitors. Using AI for recruiting allows hiring teams to quickly identify the best talent and speeds up the hiring process.

What should you consider when hiring in niche markets?

  • Make sure that your job opening has better visibility. Consider using job aggregator software to make sure that your open role appears on multiple job boards and is seen by a larger pool of potential employees.
  • Be specific when creating a position description for a specialized position. The candidates you’re looking for are probably already employed in the field, so they are familiar with the specifics of the position. Don’t be afraid to use specialized terminology.
  • You’ll observe that your candidates share certain traits if you’re a niche recruiter. You can look for applicants with comparable qualifications, and some available AI recruiting tools can assess the similarities between resumes and qualifications. 

Evaluating Resumes More Efficiently: Details That Matter

If your job postings are visible enough and you’ve made yourself clear with the position, resumes will most likely start to flow in. When hiring new members for your team, it’s important to have the ability to quickly and thoroughly evaluate candidate resumes. It takes practice to become proficient at conducting resume reviews and figuring out who qualifies for the next step in the hiring process.

However, that’s another step when using AI for recruiting can come in useful!

Even if you’ve created a strong job description and thorough candidate profile, you’ll probably still need to look over unqualified candidates’ resumes. Start by making a list of the bare basic requirements, training, and experience needed to perform the job.

A resume aggregator, for example, allows you to perform an advanced search based on your specific requirements. Narrowing down your pool of candidates makes the process a lot more efficient and optimized. Afterwards, you can rank the candidates based on their abilities and you will get a couple of possible talents you can ask for an interview.

Also, always pay attention to the potential employee’s job history and existing employment gaps, as those are considered red flags for hiring teams. In addition, always pay attention to people’s descriptions about themselves, as being able to include all the valuable information about yourself in a few words and making sure you present yourself accordingly is also a skill. 

Bottom Line

The power of AI for recruiting is undeniable and is the new step you can make to improve the hiring process in your company. The time of compiling tens of resumes on your desk is long gone, so invest in AI-powered technology to speed up the process and make it a lot more efficient!