By: Pranav Ramesh

How Can Recruiters Attract More Job Applicants?

Over the past couple of years, the job market has changed significantly, and it can be challenging for employers to keep up. Finding and keeping qualified candidates in your company’s team has become more difficult than ever due to the shifts in the work dynamic.

Retirements and a decreased number of candidates are currently a challenge in the labor market, and besides the fact that you need people to stay on the job, you also need to attract talent for your business. As we know, the hiring process is complex and made up of several steps. However, if you don’t get people to apply, you might not have a recruitment process at all.

For both job applicants and job recruiters, efficient, effective, and pleasant recruitment processes are key. Knowing how to increase applicant flow raises your chances of building a stronger team.

Let’s dive into the reasons why your job openings are not attracting applicants and what you can do to change that!

Why Is Your Job Posting Not Receiving Any Applicants?

Finding qualified candidates can take time and effort. You must evaluate job applicants, manage the interviewing process, and then offer a deal that convinces your top choice to accept. If applications aren’t coming in for your job opening, all of this becomes nearly impossible. You cannot begin the rest of the hiring process without a strong resume.

Here are a few reasons why you might not get any job applicants responding to your posting:

  • Your job opening is posted in the wrong place. Job openings are an example of marketing. You typically conduct research to identify your target audience when marketing your company’s goods or services so that you can post and advertise there. The same is required when posting a job.
  • You are not updating your information or job postings. If your job isn’t receiving applications, it may have expired, or it could be directing people to an error page. Job applicants are usually frustrated when they can’t access your position after clicking through. Always make sure to remove filled or expired jobs from your website and keep only the active ones.
  • The job opening is explained poorly. Job seekers are interested in learning more about the position’s responsibilities and determining whether they would be a good fit. They won’t waste time applying for the job if you’re not clear enough. It’s simpler for applicants to tailor their cover letters to explain they’re qualified candidates when you’re straightforward about what you need.

How Do You Attract Job Applicants?

Knowing how to increase applicant flow can be very helpful when it comes to building a team full of potential, and ready to get the job done. Job recruiters need to adapt to candidates’ needs and optimize their hiring process to attract more talent out there. 

Employers need to reconsider how they present their company to job applicants and how to improve their experience at each stage of the recruitment process. There are a few things you can implement in your strategy that will guarantee that you attract candidates right away. 

  • Focusing on the candidate’s journey can guarantee that potential employees stay committed to the hiring process, so keep it simple and short. Always explain all the steps of the recruitment procedure, and you can even add some details in your job description, to keep them in the loop.
  • Never forget about your company’s values. Values and culture can make a company more appealing to potential job applicants, especially if they align with the same principles. Be transparent with what you’re offering while trying to create an employee value proposition. 
  • Always take into account what your competition has to offer and perform market research, trying to come up with an offer that stands out.

5 Ways Recruiters Can Increase Number of Job Applicants

Although there are many hiring strategies and tips that you can take advantage of to increase the number of applicants, we’ll break down five of the most important ones that can ensure you have a larger pool of candidates to choose from. 

1. Focus on a Simple Job Description

One of the first experiences a candidate has with your company is reading a job description. Make sure you are creating accurately one that represents your brand and the position you are hiring for. It does not only make the application process easier, but it’s a way to let them know what you need from them and what you can offer in exchange. You should be specific about the duties and requirements and not stuff the description with unnecessary words.

2. Publish and Share the Job on Multiple Channels

Many hiring companies post an upcoming job on their website or perhaps through their local job board. Then it’s up to the applicant to submit the resume. That’s why many businesses do not attract talented employees. It is important for your company to reach out to top talent, then make sure your job opening is easy to find and does not get lost in the job market.

You can increase visibility by posting your position on a job aggregator or on niche job boards, depending on the case.

3. Ask Current Employees

Introduce an employee referral program that offers formal means for the existing staff to suggest candidates. Often your employees will recommend people they are interested in interacting with, have the necessary skills, and are suited to your culture. Usually, the referee gets an incentive that improves their work satisfaction. 

Ultimately, the happiness of your staff will boost retention, while you will receive new potential applicants for the open positions. 

4. List Your Compensation

Many businesses have no detailed compensation plan which makes people question the validity of their pay. Providing salary ranges can help job seekers determine which job fits their salary expectations. In some circumstances, your salary might attract more applications. Candidates will focus on positions where the pay is disclosed upfront because they don’t want to spend time speculating on what job recruiters might offer.

5. Optimize and Use Keywords

Although optimizing a website is essential, you should also optimize your job opening for those job applicants that are interested. When your SEO improves, your job descriptions have a higher chance of attracting more applicants. Find common combination keywords, and add those to your description. For more research, use Google Analytics to check the number of searches on certain keywords. 

Bottom Line

The truth is that the hiring process doesn’t necessarily have to be stressful and challenging, neither for job recruiters nor potential candidates. Learning how to increase applicant flow is just one of the steps you need to make for the process to go smoother.

And yet, there are some other aspects ahead. When you are on the hiring side, leveraging AI-powered tools to your advantage might be a game-changer. Thankfully, we’ve got the solution. Check out GabiLabs’ recruitment features that can ease the hiring process every step of the way!