Not at your desk? Gabi still has you covered. Send and receive SMS, schedule phone calls, automate follow-up emails, and set up meetings. Connect with candidates on the go, and receive ranking and scoring information directly on their phones.

Gabi Mobile is an advanced AI-powered recruiting application that promises to deliver fast, accurate, and end-to-end recruitment solutions on the go.

Making sure that you never have to miss out on the next great candidate!

Gabi Mobile is designed to integrate completely with the desktop application, giving you access to the full range of Gabi’s functionalities on your mobile device. Send and receive SMS, make phone calls, automate follow-up communication, and schedule meetings with applicants, all with a few taps of the finger.

What are the key features of Gabi Mobile?

Gabi Mobile comes fully equipped with the full range of features offered by the desktop application including:

End-to-end functionality

You can carry out all candidate communication via Gabi Mobile. You can send and receive SMS and emails, make phone calls, schedule meetings, and create follow-up communication.

Full desktop integration

Gabi mobile is designed to integrate fully with Gabi’s desktop application. Too busy to stay at your desk? With Gabi mobile you can perform essential tasks anywhere, anytime, while on the move.

Ranking and scoring on the go

You can now receive ranking and scoring information directly to your mobile devices. Preview resumes, view job requisitions, and receive candidate shortlists, with just a few taps of the finger.

  • Decrease in time to hire

  • More improvement in recruiter's productivity

  • Increase in new-hire diversity

  • The automated emails system is good feature as it saves time, and we can reach to multiple candidates in short time.

    Dr. Reena Shah, Senior Recruiter
  • Having all the requisitions, applications, and candidate communications on one easy-to-read page makes my job so much easier.

    Ravi Chandra, Technical Recruiter
  • Streamlined the process of connecting with candidates and moving them along the hiring process.

    Zach Hayes, Technical Recruiter