Not at your desk? Gabi still has you covered. Send and receive SMS, schedule phone calls, automate follow-up emails, and set up meetings. Connect with candidates on the go, and receive ranking and scoring information directly on their phones.

What is mobile recruiting?

Mobile recruiting is using recruitment software on your mobile phone, so that you can read and upload resumes, spot and manage talent, and track the progress of job requisitions. Powerful mobile recruiting applications, like Gabi mobile, allow users to create new job posting, view resumes and candidate profiles, contact candidates through the phone, schedule further communications, and leave comments, directly through the mobile phone.

In short, a good mobile recruiting app should allow users to access all the most important features of a recruiting platform, on the go.

Why do you need recruitment on the go?

A recruiter's work day isn’t limited to eight hours. Recruiters typically work around the clock to make sure they never a shoot past a deadline or miss out on finding good candidates. Staff recruiters have to fill vacancies in a few days, a week at best. Under these circumstances, recruiters need to be able to access requisition data, be available to schedule meetings, make phone calls, and set-up interviews at very short notice. None of which is possible if you’re tied to a desk or dependent on a PC to get your work done.

What you need is an on-the-go, anytime, all the time, solution for your urgent recruitment needs.

What you need is an end-to-end recruitment solution, that you can carry around in your pocket.

What you need is Gabi Mobile.

What is Gabi Mobile?

Gabi Mobile is an advanced AI-powered recruiting application that promises to deliver fast, accurate, and end-to-end recruitment solutions on the go.

Making sure that you never have to miss out on the next great candidate!

Gabi Mobile is designed to integrate completely with the desktop application, giving you access to the full range of Gabi’s functionalities on your mobile device. Send and receive SMS, make phone calls, automate follow- up communication, and schedule meetings with applicants, all with a few taps of the finger.

What are the key features of Gabi Mobile?

Gabi Mobile comes fully equipped with the full range of features offered by the desktop application including:

End-to-end functionality

You can carry out all candidate communication via Gabi Mobile. You can send and receive SMS and emails, make phone calls, schedule meetings, and create follow-up communication.

Full desktop integration

Gabi mobile is designed to integrate fully with Gabi’s desktop application. Too busy to stay at your desk? With Gabi mobile you can perform essential tasks anywhere, anytime, while on the move.

Ranking and scoring on the go

You can now receive ranking and scoring information directly to your mobile devices. Preview resumes, view job requisitions, and receive candidate shortlists, with just a few taps of the finger.

Gabi’s mobile application feature can promise a:

  • Decrease in time to hire

  • More improvement in recruiter's productivity

  • Increase in new-hire diversity

  • Resumes scanned & scored


  • I found Gabi to be very user friendly and unlike other platforms, it took very little time to get used to. Very easy to use. Highly recommend for anyone familiar with Taleo, Brass Ring, Peoplesoft etc.

    Marcos Varga, Senior Technical Recruiter
  • I found the automated emails to be very beneficial to candidates that apply to our jobs. It actually streamlined the process of connecting with them and moving them through the hiring process. Having worked in both boutique and large firms Gabi would be very useful at staffing solutions for both.

    Zach Hayes, Technical Recruiter
  • The automated emails system is good feature as it saves time, and we can reach to multiple candidates in short time. The AI rating has also significantly reduced time spent in shortlisting.

    Dr. Reena Shah
  • Being able to add notes about a candidate and update their status for a requestion was a big help! The scoring system has also been very accurate and it’s reduced the time I spend on sifting through applications by over two hours.

    Nancy Sikand
  • I love Gabi because of how fast it is! Both the ranking and the automated communication features have made my life a lot easier and my job a lot faster. It has practically doubled my shortlisting speed. A great tool for any staffing firm or even companies looking for staff augmentation.

    Suraj Kumar
  • Gabi’s resume pooling feature makes my job so much easier. Having all the requisitions, applications, and candidate communications on one easy-to-read page is a big blessing. Being able to use Gabi’s calendar feature to screen and schedule calls also makes work a lot easier.

    Ravi Chandra, Technical Recruiter