Publish your job requisition to multiple job boards and view all the responses in one centralized location. Create advance searches to meet your specific requirements.

Recruiting and the
Internet: A Love Story

Where do job seekers go to find jobs? The internet. Where do recruiters go to find candidates? Also, the internet.

The internet has emerged as the single most useful tool for recruitment since the invention of the telephone. Job portals and recruitment platforms such as Glassdoor, Indeed, Monster, and many others to help recruiters find job seekers and vice-versa. Most companies today look to online sources and social media, when planning their hiring strategies.

The advantages for recruiters operating online are undeniable:

  • It’s cost effective: You’re not forced to pay for ad space in a physical publication.
  • It allows you to reach a much wider audience: Depending on the parameters you set, you can draw candidates from anywhere in the world.
  • It’s flexible: Most job portals and social media sites allow you to modify the requisition when necessary.
  • It’s easy to use: Anyone with an internet connection can make and respond to an online requisition.

How to create a requisition on Gabi

But there is one significant disadvantage.

Creating and posting job requisitions wastes a lot of time. Recruiters have to visit each portal individually and re-create the same requisition on each site. Additionally, they also have to repost the requisition across various social media sites like LinkedIn.

Once these requisitions start receiving replies, recruiters must then visit each portal individually, to check applicant pools. Either that or have their email inboxes overflow with notifications. And remember, most recruiters work on multiple requisitions at any given time, which means they can anticipate receiving hundreds of applications every day!

What recruiters need is a way to save time. A way to automate repetitive tasks, like publishing the same requisition multiple times, leaving them free to focus on the work that truly matters.

What is a resume aggregator?

With Gabi’s resume aggregator you can publish your job requisition to multiple job boards at once and view all the responses in one location.

No more hopping from site to site creating the same requisition for different audiences. You just make the requisition once, on Gabi, select the portals that you want to target, and hit publish.

Gabi will automatically populate your chosen portals with the requisition.

When your requisition starts receiving responses, Gabi will collate these responses from across all the portals, and organize them on a single screen.

In addition to publishing requisitions and collating responses, you can also track the progress of each requisition and see how far along a candidate is in the hiring pipeline.

Advanced filtering

To help you sort through applications faster, Gabi allows you to create advance searches to meet your specific requirements.

To help you find an exact match Gabi filters applications by:

Job Title

Shortlist candidates who have worked in roles similar to the one advertised.
Eg. Senior DevOps Engineer


Filter for candidates from the pool that contain skills necessary for the role.
Eg. Python certification

Candidate Name

Filter candidates by name

Candidate Location

Find candidates by their geographic location, as mentioned in their resume
Eg. Chicago, IN

Professional Experience

Pool candidates by their work experience in years.
Eg. 0-3 years, 6-10 years

Data Source

Create candidate pools using the source of their application
Eg. Monster, ZipRecruiter, Indeed


Filter candidates by their availability to begin work. Some candidates may be immediately available, while others might need a few months to get started.

  • Gabi’s resume pooling feature has been proven to reduce time-to-hire by over 40%

  • More improvement in recruiter's productivity

  • Increase in new-hire diversity

  • Resumes scanned & scored


  • I found Gabi to be very user friendly and unlike other platforms, it took very little time to get used to. Very easy to use. Highly recommend for anyone familiar with Taleo, Brass Ring, Peoplesoft etc.

    Marcos Varga, Senior Technical Recruiter
  • I found the automated emails to be very beneficial to candidates that apply to our jobs. It actually streamlined the process of connecting with them and moving them through the hiring process. Having worked in both boutique and large firms Gabi would be very useful at staffing solutions for both.

    Zach Hayes, Technical Recruiter
  • The automated emails system is good feature as it saves time, and we can reach to multiple candidates in short time. The AI rating has also significantly reduced time spent in shortlisting.

    Dr. Reena Shah
  • Being able to add notes about a candidate and update their status for a requestion was a big help! The scoring system has also been very accurate and it’s reduced the time I spend on sifting through applications by over two hours.

    Nancy Sikand
  • I love Gabi because of how fast it is! Both the ranking and the automated communication features have made my life a lot easier and my job a lot faster. It has practically doubled my shortlisting speed. A great tool for any staffing firm or even companies looking for staff augmentation.

    Suraj Kumar
  • Gabi’s resume pooling feature makes my job so much easier. Having all the requisitions, applications, and candidate communications on one easy-to-read page is a big blessing. Being able to use Gabi’s calendar feature to screen and schedule calls also makes work a lot easier.

    Ravi Chandra, Technical Recruiter