Finding Top Talent during the Great Resignation

Top talent is difficult to find even in normal circumstances. However, the COVID-19 pandemic brought forward an issue that made hiring even more difficult: the Great Resignation.

This movement resulted in large-scale resignations (especially in the U.S.) due to rising living costs but stagnant wages, and the refusal of the government to provide safe and sanitized conditions for workers amidst the rising number of cases. The phenomenon is believed to be the result of years of frustrations piled up on the workers’ ends and resulted in the recruitment processes of many organizations encountering roadblocks during this last year.

If you are a recruiter, any kind of help is welcome while you and your company try to overcome this phenomenon. One avenue for assistance is the use of hiring platforms. But what are the benefits that hiring platforms can bring to your company in your search for top talent?

AI Tools Save You Precious Time

As a recruiter, there are aspects of the job that become tedious over time.

For instance, it can get repetitive to sort through hundreds of resumes each time you are trying to find the perfect candidate for a position. Especially if you’re trying to find top talent during the Great Resignation.

As the hiring market is more candidate-centric now, you need all the time you can spare to make sure you’re spotting the top talent your organization can benefit from in the long run.

AI tools help you in the hiring process by saving you precious time and effort. For example, at GABI you can opt for AI-powered talent ranking, which will help in creating a shortlist of the top-ranking applications.

As time is of the essence in the recruitment process, you can shorten the hours spent on analyzing each individual application by using a hiring platform. This way, you can reinvest the time saved in the initial sorting process into the other parts of the hiring process.

Engagement Increases with AI Tools

Have you ever missed out on a potential top talent for your company due to the overwhelming task to get back to every applicant in due time?

Don’t worry, there are solutions provided by AI tools that assure successful communication with candidates. And here’s why you should take advantage of them.

Firstly, top talents know their worth. Both financially and time-wise. If they have multiple job offers laid out before them, failing to get back to them in time might cost you as an employer. Choosing to engage with a potential employee via an artificial intelligence-powered hiring platform, your chances of recruiting that top talent increase significantly.

Secondly, the Great Resignation made workers from all around the world rethink their relationships with the workplaces they are in. And, especially with top talent, they expect the companies they are looking to work for to be prompt when it comes to the recruitment process. Using a hiring platform can be helpful for you as a recruiter in making sure you respect the time of the candidate.

By focusing on these aspects, it is obvious why an AI hiring tool would be of help in the recruitment process of any company. They improve engagement, and they help with keeping in touch with top talent, which increases their chances of getting hired.

You Attract What You Are

Finding top talent is not an easy task. AI hiring can make it easier with unique features, and any recruiter can benefit from using a hiring tool. Precious time is saved, efforts are cut in half, and desired talents can find their way into your company more quickly.

With that being said, it is also important that you pay attention to your company culture and core values before beginning the recruitment process. Because you attract what you are. As the Great Resignation dawned on us, workers everywhere demanded better work-life balance, better wages, and flexibility when it came to working hours or even working environments, where applicable.

So, try to evaluate what you are willing to offer to the top talent you are looking for. As mentioned above, they are aware of their worth. And they won’t settle for anything less. They’ve been doing that for years.

The bottom line is: consider their welfare in order to ensure long-time success and employee retention.

What’s the Best Way to Hire Top Talent during the Great Resignation?

It’s simple: use an AI hiring platform. These tools help you with organizing your candidates, getting back to them on time, and ensuring that the top talent you are looking for is the perfect fit for your company.

At GABI Labs we make sure that your recruitment process is easier and faster. Book a demo with us today and enjoy our innovative recruitment features!