Will AI Replace Recruiters in the Future?

Artificial intelligence is increasingly visible in our lives today. From our cars to our hospitals, AI has been adopted by many industries to help provide assistance and automate tasks for us.

Recruiting too has benefited from this technological revolution in recent years. The use of the online job portals has significantly expanded the scope of recruitment today. But this expansion has been accompanied by a comparable increase in recruiter workload. The application of AI-powered solutions in modern recruitment has been incredibly helpful in reducing this workload.

But with the rise of AI-powered recruiting, there is understandable concern about the degree to which this technology could take over our livelihoods. Can AI do our jobs? Will the recruitment industry be automated? Will AI replace recruiters in the future?

In short, the answer is no. Recruiting software are designed to assist recruiters and make their lives easier. It CANNOT replace them.

What are the Limitations of AI?

Although AI is capable of things, we never dreamed possible, it still has some limitations. Let’s first look at a few things AI cannot do but recruiters do with ease daily.

  1. AI cannot use common sense and inferencing skills. A man walks out of the woods with a dead deer and a rifle. You see, AI would not reason that the man shot the deer. On the other hand, a human could infer the man was hunting in the woods and shot the deer. AI lacks the life experiences and human intellect to produce answers where humans can easily infer and use common sense.
  2. AI cannot understand cause and effect. In contrast, humans learn cause and effect from a very young age. For example, a student fails a test. Why? It could be: 1.) The student did not study for the test. 2.) The test was too poorly written. 3.) The student is a bad test taker. AI cannot differentiate the fact that there are different causes and or effects that could make huge impacts on hiring decisions.
  3. AI cannot ethically decipher the difference between right and wrong. A simple Google search will show example after example of AI gone awry. Twitter’s AI bot, Tay, the 2016 chatbot, was removed in less than 24 hours. It became evident that she could not reason ethically with users in conversations. Human recruiters can ethically make the tough decisions that AI can’t.

Although AI is truly a remarkable tool, it cannot possibly replace human recruiters because human beings possess more complex processing skills.

AI is a Remarkable Tool

Simply put, AI is going to change the way you hire your future employees. Yes, that is a big promise, but it will not only make your job easier, but it will also give you high quality candidates to hire.

Let’s answer the following questions about AI.

  • What does AI do for recruiters?
  • How does AI determine who to hire?
  • How does AI help me find better candidates?

What Does AI Do for Recruiters?

How many hours do you spend looking through all of the applicants on all of the online job platforms? Imagine a day where there is no need to sort through 100’s of applicants from online platforms. Think of Gabi like a kitchen strainer. You will be able to quickly strain through the applicants who do not match the qualifications needed for your specific needs, while only catch the ones you want. With the help of Gabi, you can filter your data from multiple platforms to one central location. You won’t have to worry about missing your perfect candidate because of the overwhelming hiring process.

How Does AI Determine Who to Hire?

The task of searching for the perfect candidate can be like hunting for a needle in a haystack; it’s not the easiest task. With the use of Gabi, you can set skill set parameters based on the skills needed for your specific job. With a few clicks, you will have your top candidates from various job platforms ranked by skill levels at the tip of your fingers.

Did you know it takes an average of 42 days to hire for a position.  That is 42 days every time a new employee must be hired. Just think about all of the time and revenue that is halted during that time frame because you do not have an employee, not to mention all of the training once a new employee is hired.

Say goodbye to combing through resumes to determine which candidates have the skill sets you need. Gabi determines your top picks for you, and then you step in to make the final selections.

How does AI help me find better candidates?

According to, only 1 in 5 hires are successful. Just think, that is 46% of employees are not going to make the cut.

Making the wrong hiring choice makes you feel like you are playing tug of war because your new hire is continually pulling against the grain.  As an experienced recruiter or hiring manager, you know the trouble this can cause in your organization.

With the use of a recruiting software like Gabi, you can be confident in your new hire. You can filter out candidates who do not fit into your company culture because you can customize your experience based on your company’s needs. With Gabi, you can breathe easy knowing it’s not only about skills and experience. Hiring is also about personality and company culture, so you find the best candidates for your position without the risk of bad hires.

AI will not replace human recruiters.

Yes, we all love the latest and greatest gadgets. We can’t wait for the newest version of our favorite phone to be released. We get excited to see the latest and greatest advancements in technology.

AI is a tool; not a takeover.

Artificial intelligence technologies will not replace human recruiters because they lack the human touch that makes them so great.

Humans can use their common sense and inferencing skills. They can understand cause and effect and can make informed ethical decisions. With that said, you are a valuable and essential part of the job market and impossible to be replaced.

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