Using AI To Provide A Positive Candidate Experience

The recruitment process is changing. Thanks to the introduction of AI in hiring, recruiters are seeing their priorities change and workload reduce as automation helps them perform their jobs easier and faster.

Recent fluctuations in the job market have also left a mark on employee engagement and candidate experience. Employees quit their jobs faster when unsatisfied with work conditions and benefits, leaving recruiters with a pressing need to source new candidates.

With the landscape in the middle of such evolutions, candidate experience has become more valuable than ever before for—both recruiters and prospective new hires. Let’s take a closer look at what that means.

What Is Candidate Experience?

Candidate experience refers to how a person feels during the recruitment process conducted by a certain company. That involves all the recruitment steps, from the job requisition, the initial resume screening, assessment tests, interviews, and onboarding.

This means the candidates evaluate the following and then decide how they feel about the recruitment cycle:

  • How thorough the job requisition was described and how easy it was to find it online.
  • How long did they have to wait until their resumes were reviewed.
  • The quality of the assessment test (including how fast they got their scores and how unbiased it was).
  • The interview with the recruiter.
  • All communication with the company during the recruitment process.
  • The onboarding in the new job (for fresh new hires).

Why does Positive Candidate Experience Matter?

A positive candidate experience is important for both the candidates and the company that’s hiring. It’s essential for the candidates’ mindset and trust in the recruitment process, as well as for their motivation and performance. A new hire who had a positive candidate experience is more likely to be motivated at work and have increased performance, entering the new position feeling valued.

For companies, a positive candidate experience matters because it builds their reputation. The candidates that didn’t get hired but had a positive candidate experience will most likely reapply in the future for jobs within the company. They are also more likely to spread goodwill about the company outside.

How Is AI Used for Shaping Candidate Experience?

Using AI in hiring is one of the recruitment solutions available for building a better, more positive candidate experience. AI-powered tools provide recruitment solutions through automation of certain tasks in the following recruiting steps:

Job requisition: AI-powered tools help recruiters post the job requisition on multiple hiring platforms. This makes it easier and widely available for candidates, thus helping them find it faster.

Resume screening: As a candidate, this is one of the crucial moments in defining their experience: the time between applying for a job and the moment they’re contacted by the recruiter.

Without AI resume aggregators, candidates can wait even up to a few weeks just so the recruiter checks their resumes. Using AI, this step is automated, and the recruiters have        fast access to the best resumes in no time and selected candidates get contacted           faster.

Candidate communication: AI-powered chatbots help answer candidates’ questions in real-time, improving the communication between the company and potential new hires. Other AI communication tools keep the lines of communication open, sending automated follow-up emails as well as interview invites to candidates.

Technical assessments: AI-powered assessment tools can offer an unbiased set of questions and/or games to test the candidates’ skill set and knowledge necessary for the job. The fairer the assessment, the better the candidate experience.

How Can You Improve Candidate Experience?

Here are a few tips you can use to improve your candidate experience today:

  • Use recruitment solutions powered by AI to cut down the hiring time, keep in touch with candidates, and offer an unbiased hiring process.
  • Have a recruitment review plan in place to help you make improvements. Ask candidates to tell you how satisfied they were in the hiring process. Gather information and use it to improve your recruitment process.
  • Send feedback to all candidates that came to the interview but didn’t get hired. Most candidates get very frustrated after finding out they didn’t make it past the interview. They end up not knowing what they could have done better or why they weren’t a good fit.


Using AI in hiring helps companies provide a more positive candidate experience by automating tasks in the recruitment process. They improve communication with candidates, reduce the hiring time and provide unbiased technical assessments. Take advantage of the power of AI recruiting tools and get in contact with us. We’ll provide you with a step-by-step demo of our tools and how they can benefit you.

The future is AI.

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