What Is Digital Hiring?

Digital hiring or digital recruitment is when a company uses technological tools to search and hire candidates for an open position within their institution. Technology has made the hiring process more efficient, providing HR managers and recruiters with several tools to automate the most repetitive and tedious tasks when looking for the best candidates.

The digitalization of the recruitment process is a must-have for any recruiter looking to find top talent and improve and optimize their productivity. And with the rise of AI-powered recruitment tools, the future looks easier and better, for both recruiters and candidates alike.

But how does this process look like, and how can you maximize the benefits of digital recruitment?

What Are the Steps in the Digital Hiring Process?

Posting the job requisition

After composing the job requisition and deciding which type of candidate you’re looking for, it’s time to post it on multiple hiring platforms. There are a great number of tools available now that will post your job requisition to multiple job boards, without you having to waste time doing this on each website. One of these tools is the Resume Aggregator.

Sorting resumes

In the digital recruitment process, you no longer have to spend hours looking through thousands of resumes. AI-powered tools, like a resume aggregator, take care of that for you through advanced filtering.

Screening candidates based on skillset

In today’s job market, the most important thing is the candidate’s skills that can benefit your company. Digital recruitment tools can sort through a great quantity of data and show you only the candidates with the skillset you need for the job.

Talent assessment

Long gone are the days when companies had to call candidates in for testing or worse, when they didn’t have time for this and hired people that didn’t quite have what it takes to do the job perfectly. In digital hiring, a talent assessment tool helps recruiters test the candidates and analyze which of them are most skilled, all of it fully digital.

The interview

You can go fully digital and have the interviews online through video call or see the person face to face in the office. You also have available communication tools to help you keep in contact with the candidates, through automated emails, text messages, and interview scheduling.

Making the offer

In the digital recruitment process, making the offer nowadays can happen in the form of an email with a document attachment. A communication tool will facilitate the follow-up process.


Even the onboarding stage can now be fully digital with tools that will help employers guide the new employees through the next stages of their jobs.

How Has Digital Hiring Changed Recruitment?

Access to worldwide candidates

The pandemic has facilitated remote work and with the digitalization of the recruitment process, recruiters can now find and hire candidates from all over the world. Companies now have access to better top talent without borders.


Time is one of the most precious resources we all have. By automating a lot of repetitive tasks with the help of AI-powered tools, digital hiring saves recruiters a lot of time that they can now dedicate to the interview part of the recruitment process.

Better quality candidates

Talent ranking tools have improved the quality of candidates that end up on the recruiters’ desks. Recruiters can select only the resumes of candidates with the specific skillset required for the job without looking through thousands of applications.

Reduced bias

AI-powered tools, like a resume aggregator, do not reject candidates based on race, appearance, gender, or religion, like humans tend to.

Improved communication

Communication tools in the digital hiring process have facilitated better communication between recruiters and candidates. Recruiters no longer have to rely on their physical agenda, call and compose individual emails for a dozen candidates. This way, it’s harder for them to miss communicating an important aspect to potential new hires.

Increased productivity

With the automation of numerous repetitive tasks, recruiters are less likely to go into burnout. Their productivity increases, while being able to focus their attention on the final and most important stages of the recruitment process.

How Can You Maximize the Benefits of Digital Recruitment?

Most candidates search for a company online before applying, so having a good brand with a great reputation will count tremendously. Plus, according to a Deloitte Risk Survey Report, 87% of companies agree on the importance of managing reputation risk.

In the digital age, it’s also crucial to have a social media presence with great content. Companies with a good social media presence attract more candidates and increase their brand awareness as well.


With the many benefits of the digital recruitment process, as a recruiter it’s a must to take advantage of all the tools technology is providing. They will save you precious time, increase your productivity and help you find better candidates. If you want to see what these tools can do for you and your company, get in contact with us. The future is AI, the future is Gabi.