What Are Talent Management Tools

In the fast-changing pace of today’s job market, recruiters need to optimize their efforts to hire the right candidates in a short amount of time. At the same time, they need to make sure they select high-quality talent that can improve the productivity and performance of the company.

According to a survey by McKinsey, when talent is managed well it positively impacts organizational performance. Being able to attract great talent in the recruitment process and also retain it in the long term improves performance, and businesses are more likely to outperform competitors. A successful talent management system allows a company to recruit better-skilled employees and empower the existing ones.

A research paper from 2020 points to the challenges faced by HR when looking for a good fit candidate amidst talent shortage across many countries and industries. This calls for a more strategic approach in the recruitment process.

In order to do so, as a recruiter you need all the help you can get, and talent management tools are your biggest ally.

Talent Management Tools You Should Use

The market for talent management tools is ever-growing in today’s technological world, with a variety of software programs powered by AI that facilitate faster and better candidate recruitment and retention. Some of the most important talent management tools you should use include, but are not limited to:

Resume Aggregator

The first step in acquiring new talent in the recruitment process is posting a job requisition on multiple platforms and sorting through a huge pile of candidate resumes.

An AI-powered resume aggregator like Gabi’s allows the recruiter to post a job requisition within their desired parameters to multiple hiring platforms all at once. It allows you to make advanced searches to find the right candidates in that nerve-wracking pile of resumes.

Talent Ranking Software

Using talent ranking software is mandatory to sort through thousands of resumes, so you can find the right candidates that are most fit for the job requisition you posted. As a recruiter, you know how frustrating it is to sort through resumes for the candidate’s skills, and sometimes even select for interviews people that do not quite actually have the skill set that you require.

Gabi Labs’ Talent Ranking tool will make sure you have the resumes filtered based on that specific skill set, making it one of the best talent management tools you can use.

Talent Assessment Tool

Scheduling and reviewing talent assessments are time-consuming but crucial if you want to make sure you only interview people that can actually do the job they applied for, and bring value and performance in the workplace. The Talent Assessment Tool helps you schedule and review talent assessments and then share the results in the recruiting app you choose.

Candidate Communication Software

One of the benefits of talent management tools is helping HR retain candidates and employees. That can be achieved through a number of techniques, from communication tools, a facilitated onboarding process to training and assessment.

Using candidate communication software, like Gabi Labs’ Communication Hub will help you manage all candidate communication from one place. This includes phone calls, meetings, automated follow-up emails, and accessing the whole communication history between recruiter and candidate.


How Do Talent Management Tools Save Time?

It goes without saying that time is the most precious resource, and recruiters like yourself can most probably agree that you never have enough of it. Talent management tools, amongst other benefits, help you save time by automating tedious and repetitive tasks like:

  • Posting a job requisition on multiple hiring platforms
  • Sorting through endless piles of resumes
  • Searching for candidates with the right skill set necessary for the job they applied for.

By filtering a huge amount of data for you, they save you hundreds of hours of work that you can dedicate to the most rewarding part of the recruitment process: the interview stage.

But it doesn’t only stop there because once your productivity improves, and you’ll have more time to dedicate to the face-to-face interactions with candidates. You’ll be able to hire top talent that is likely to remain with the company in the long term, thus saving you more time from having to constantly redo the recruitment process.

Other Benefits of Talent Management Tools

  • Faster and easier recruitment
  • Employee retention growth
  • Increased diversity
  • Greater employee experience (from the interview stage to job performance)
  • Talent and training opportunities
  • Better company performance
  • Increased productivity for the HR department


As a recruiter, it’s important to adapt to the fast-paced job market’s requirements. In today’s age, you need to be faster and more productive than ever before to ensure you find and retain the best candidates.

Gabi Labs is here to provide you with software that will ease the recruitment process and save you a generous amount of time, so you can offer a better candidate experience. Sign up for a free demo today!