Can AI Make Recruiting More Efficient?

Technology is ever-evolving and has made a tremendous change for the best in our lives. With the rise of artificial intelligence, we are already living in the future we once only imagined. AI is now present in many industries and helps us with automation and assistance. Simply put, the goal of artificial intelligence is to make our lives better and save us precious time and effort. 

 The recruitment industry also benefits from AI hiring, already showing great results that are only going to get greater with time. A recent study conducted this year showed that recruiters who used AI technologies saw a speeding of the recruitment process, cost reductions, less workload for the recruiter, and a better and more meaningful candidate experience. 

 Before we get into more depth with how hiring with AI can make your life easier as a recruiter, it’s necessary to address a common fear that can impact our society’s thinking and create myths that could stand in the way of accessing artificial intelligence software. According to Stanford Business, the fear that AI will steal our jobs (in this case, the recruiter’s jobs) is simply misplaced. The automation process helps us get rid of repetitive and dull tasks, thus providing us with more time to make our jobs more meaningful and qualitative. 

 We’ll get into more details about this along the way, but for now, let’s see how exactly can AI help you as a recruiter.


How Does AI Help With Hiring?


As a recruiter, you probably love your job, finding the best candidates for a company, getting talented people the careers they need and dream of. The satisfaction is great at the end of a recruitment process, and so it should be, but what about those repetitive and dull tasks? 

Sorting through hundreds, if not thousands of resumes, spending time and money selecting just a handful of candidates to interview, and dealing with the aftermath when you start the process all over again because they were in fact not a great fit are all downsides of this job. However, they can all become a thing of the past with AI hiring. Here’s what you need to know.


AI helps recruiters sort through the candidates

It’s safe to say, you can now forget about spending hours of your precious time looking through a handful of resumes on the online hiring platforms. AI technology will select only the resumes that fit your search. AI has the ability to filter and analyze huge amounts of data in a short time, something we, as humans, unfortunately, can’t do. 

At GABI Labs we can offer the option of having the data from multiple recruiting platforms filter into one location, ready for you to dig in and find the best candidates. 


AI allows you by setting skillset parameters to find the best candidates

By determining with only a few clicks the skill set parameters required for the job you are hiring, AI can provide you with the best candidates. You will get top candidates from many jobs platforms ranked based on their skill sets. GABI will simplify your choices, so you can get the right people to interview. All you’ll have to do is pick the best ones and proceed with the interview part of the recruitment process.


AI helps recruiters get more quality time with candidates

Since AI helps you with resume filtration and picking out the best candidates based on their skills, you’ll save a lot of precious time. Consider this – How many hours did you spend looking at the resumes of unqualified candidates? By using AI hiring recruitment software from GABI, you will be able to dedicate more time to the practical part of your job – interviewing candidates.

This is very valuable because you’ll get to know the applicants better and also provide them with more details about the work environment and the organizational culture. This way, you’ll have a clearer picture of who are the best people for the job, and they’ll make a better-informed decision when they decide to accept the offer. 


AI recruitment helps you find a great, quality candidate fit for the position

Combining the automation of sorting through resumes, getting top talent candidates ranked by their skill set, and having more time for the interview and assessment areas of the recruitment process, the chances of finding a great, quality candidate for the position grow exponentially. 

Let’s face it, a lot of great applicants may refuse a job they would be great at because they didn’t have enough time with the recruiter to learn more about the company and the position, while some may get hired, and after spending a few days at work might decide that the company’s environment and culture are not a good fit for them. All of that will cost you more time and money for a new recruitment process. AI lowers the risk of that happening, so you can score the highest quality candidates that are a great match for the company and the job. 

If you’re ready to make your recruitment process faster, easier, and save precious time and money, get in contact with us. We’ll show you how we can help you achieve that with our innovative AI recruitment features. You can also schedule a 30 minutes product demo at your own convenience.