What Industries Are Most Likely To Benefit From AI In Recruiting?

We’re about to enter a new year, full of new opportunities. With it comes new technological advancements designed to make our lives easier. Artificial intelligence is one of the best tools we’ll take with us as we move another step forward into a future we once thought was only a matter of sci-fi movies and books. And it’s only going to get better.  AI already helps many sectors, bringing much-needed support in the automation of certain processes and more.

One of the many things we’re certain we’ll see more and more in the coming years is companies increasingly using AI for recruiting. A recent Business Insider article, with experts from IBM and Talespin, recognizes the tremendous power AI can provide in HR and the recruiting sector. From a faster recruitment process to helping remove biases, helping streamline the candidate experience, AI in hiring is here to stay.

While some people still fear the automation of different tasks and processes, AI is not here to take anyone’s job, but rather is here to make it more meaningful and easier, for both the recruiter and the candidate/employee. And once you understand, as a company, that AI can make recruitment more efficient while also saving you money, we’re sure you’ll give it a chance.

Let’s take a look at some of the industries that are most likely to benefit from AI for recruiting.

AI for Recruiting: Hospitality Industry

In the hospitality industry, there is a huge amount of employees coming and going, with recruiters having to constantly post new job openings on different hiring platforms, and selecting and reviewing resumes from a pile that most probably seems never-ending.

For recruiters to offer a great candidate experience in interviews and provide the company with future employees that are a good fit, they need time. How can they get more time when there seems to never be enough of it? By using AI recruiting software, like Gabi’s Resume Aggregator, that will automate the first part of the recruitment process full of tedious and repetitive tasks.

Hilton, one of the most successful hospitality companies in the world, used AI for recruiting, managing, as a result, to reduce its hiring process of 45 days to just 5.

AI for Recruiting: Consumer Goods Industry

Another industry that is already seeing benefits from hiring with AI, is consumer goods. As a crucial part of the economy, the consumer goods industry not only provides us with daily needed products but also with job opportunities for adults of every age and skill.

Companies like L’Oréal already use AI for recruiting in the form of a chatbot. This saves them time spent during the initial recruiting process by answering questions from candidates and doing check-ups regarding their availability to work and visa requirements. Recruiters at the cosmetic company say they hired their most diverse group so far for an internship program while saving 200 hours of their recruiting time with the help of AI.

The multinational company Unilever has also benefited tremendously from using AI in their recruitment process and training their employees. One of the ways they use artificial intelligence in their recruitment process is with an online platform powered by AI for an initial assessment. This way, they test their candidates’ skills to see if they’re a good fit or not for the job they applied for.

Being able to streamline and automate a part of the assessment process in recruiting will help recruiters save time and find candidates for the face-to-face interview process. Gabi Labs is also ready to provide companies with a technical assessment tool that will improve the recruitment process of any company looking to benefit from AI-powered tools.

AI for Recruiting: IT Industry

Needless to say, the IT industry is one of the reasons why we have AI in the first place. It’s only logical for this industry to reap the benefits they have helped build while bringing more innovation along the way. It’s an exciting time for everyone working in this sector, and AI is helping IT companies in the recruitment process. For example, Google’s AI has facilitated recruiters to communicate faster and better with their candidates, improving this process by no less than 84%.

Communication is a big part of how successful a recruitment process is, so we’re only going to see more and more companies using AI for this. Gabi Labs also takes a step forward by building a Communication Hub for recruiters to manage all their candidate communication from one location, promising to make their lives not only a bit better, but also easier.


No matter the industry your company is in, there are no longer any doubts that AI recruitment will help you by providing numerous benefits for your recruiters and also for your candidates. If you’re looking to make the step into the future of a more meaningful recruitment process, get in contact with us, and we’ll provide you with the right tools for your business.